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Emergencies on the Trail Are You Prepared?

By Scott Z Henderson Many times mountain bikers ride into areas miles from civilization and although it is unfortunate, accidents do happen. If the rider is wearing the proper safety gear then most of the time the result is a scraped up knee or elbow. However there are times where things can be a bit […]

What to Buy For Mountain Biking

By Sydney Garrison When you enter the sport of mountain biking it is important to find the correct bicycle for your activities and your body. A bicycle however is not the only thing that you need to purchase before heading out to a trail. The initial investment for gear may be a bit costly, but […]

Different Ways For a More Controlled and Comfortable Ride on a Mountain Bike

By Alison Addy Many of the mountain biking fanatics are consistently searching for different ways of improving their ride. Be it making the bike faster, better control, more comfort, and serious riders are in constant and serious rides always lookout for the new and best components for a mountain bike available in the market. Searching […]

Bicycle Saddles Are Important Mountain Biking Equipment

By Alison Addy Mountain biking equipment includes accessories, components, frames, apparels and the bikes themselves. The product is varied so you must be clear what you are trying to get. Does mountain biking mean a leisurely pastime for you or are you the more adventurous type? If this is your first step towards mountain biking, […]

Mountain Bikes A Review of Its Performance

By Peter Gitundu Mountain bikes are basically known to be the safest and most comfortable bikes in the market today. In fact, it’s the most proffered bike by professionals and competitors. Despite of all the features they come with, their look is also exceptional and basically they’re the most gorgeous bikes that you’ll ever come […]

The Truth About Downhill Mountain Bikes What Other People Are Not Telling You About This

By Paul Kramer The art of downhill mountain biking involves the use of gravity and this is a timed event within the mountain biking world. The competitors within downhill mountain biking are usually timed at intervals of about thirty seconds. The courses that are designed for these events take between two and five minutes to […]

Mountain Bike Types

By Peter Gitundu Have you ever thought of mountain biking, trekking, conquering hills, drop-offs and most of all touring and exploring uncharted places? If you have, then all you need is you, yourself and a mountain bike. To be honest, there’s no other better bicycle for the job. Actually you’ve no much of a choice […]

Specialized Bike Accessories

By Candis Reade Mountain biking is one of the most adventurous recreational activities around. Unlike some other adventure sports, mountain biking provides the spirit and competitive nature of a sport along with the thrill of an adventure. But mountain biking can be a very dangerous activity too. To keep the chances of accidents to its […]

Mountain Bike Accessories Review

By Peter Gitundu Have you ever realized that sometimes the shopkeepers will sell anything to you just to make profit, even if they know you actually don’t need it? Well, there’s nothing bad like walking into a shop looking confused and not decided on what to buy. When it comes to mountain bike accessories, the […]