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Walk Run Half Marathon Training

By Sheldon Richland Walk run training is… well what the name says. It consists of running then walking and repeating the process in order to lead up to the point where you are able to run a daunting 13.1 miles. Many people hear the word “half marathon” and think, oh yeah that’s easy I can […]

Is a Sub 16 Minute 5k Possible in 6 Months After 2 Years Off From Running?

By Blaine Moore Is it possible to run a sub-16 minute 5 kilometer race after missing a few good years of training due to injury? This was the question that I was asked once from somebody that had jumped into a 5k with no training and ran at about 19 minutes. I could not say […]

Running How to Eat in the Hours Before Your Race

By Blaine S Molkowski To run a race well, you need consume an adequate amount of calories for your pre race meal. But how much should you eat? It depends on the race distance. Use the following guidelines to help determine the amount of calories you should eat before your next race. 5K races and […]

Correct Running Form is Key

By Steven Stratton So if you are not an expert runner, there are going to be some keys you need to know before you start running your little butt off. Why is a correct running form important? Why can’t you just run your little heart out? Well, there are a few big reasons why and […]

Running For Beginners How to Build Up to 30 Minutes of Running

By Jennifer Pinasco Are you looking to take up running lose weight, increase your fitness or manage stress, but don’t know exactly how you should start? Fortunately, you don’t have to start running full speed the first day only to wear yourself out and give up all together. With a little patience and some time […]

Time For a Running Watch

By Jacquie Cattanach Using a running watch is integral to any training that a runner does. However, it can become mind-boggling when deciding on which running watch to choose. Not only are there watch functions to decipher, many runners need to make the decision of whether to go that extra step and invest into a […]

Starting a Home Gym

By Ricky Jim Johnson When I say working out at home, I am not talking about working from home where you work at home! I am talking about getting on an electric treadmill and running on it. This of course refers to getting a good work out and not bringing work home back from the […]

Should I Be Running Everyday?

By Nehal Kazim The passionate runners who want to train their bodies to an elite level frequently ask: Should I be running everyday? In this article, I want to talk about when running often is recommended and if running everyday is the right decision for you. Whether you should be running everyday is determined by […]

Watches For Runners Whats in Store For You and Your Training?

By Jennifer Langston To run is to make your body metabolize at a better rate. This action simulates your mind, body and soul to the fullest extent possible, thus refreshing you and preparing you to the upcoming daily activities which are found to be lately very stressful. It streamlines your body to the specific tasks […]

On the Run Men Running

By Elanora T. Kelly For many men running starts out with a casual glance in the mirror. You may have looked in the mirror hundreds of times before, but then one day, in an unguarded moment, you catch a glimpse of yourself as others see you. Overweight, bulky, with a semi beach ball of a […]