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Honestly, is Scuba Diving Dangerous?

By Keith Lunt I would never say that scuba diving is not dangerous. There are risks, as in many sports, and the environment in which diving takes place is far from friendly. But, that is why we are trained and have a variety of safety procedures and equipment in place. Many people fear sharks will […]

Scuba Diving in Langkawi

By Dinesh Patairya Experienced scuba divers in Malaysia seldom fail to visit Langkawi. The blissful island has an asset which makes any visit for diving worth of it. Just 19 nautical miles off Langkawi Island is Pulau Payar Marine Park, a fantastic place to enjoy activities like diving and snorkeling. It is the simplicity of […]

Reasons to Purchase a Scuba Camera

By Randy Rushmore If you love exploring the ocean, then why not capture those precious moments with a scuba camera? As well as seeing the spectacular marine life firsthand, you can take some high quality photographs to show to friends and family. The scuba camera comes in all shapes and sizes; there are many accessories […]

Maui Scuba Diving Some Essential Tips

By Jing Dolenec Maui is popularly called the tourist Mecca loaded with fun filled adventurous tourist activities. The best scuba diving center is located at the Molokni crater which is about 20 minutes from the coast of Maui. This location has about 100 different species of fish and it is a great place for snorkeling […]

Scuba Gear

By Anne Clarke Scuba diving is a popular pastime, especially for those who live near bodies of water. There is a lot of scuba gear that you have to either own or rent before you get into it. If you are going to go diving to see if you like it or take lessons you […]

Buying a Scuba Computer

By Glen Marken A scuba computer can make any dive safer and more enjoyable. That’s because these computers can instantly tell divers how deep they are and how long they’ve been under water. A scuba computer, then, gives divers the chance to maximize their underwater time and minimize the periods they spend on the surface. […]

Nitrox Diving

By Glen Marken For many enthusiasts, there is one drawback with traditional SCUBA diving: Divers can only stay under the water for a limited amount of time, even with oxygen tanks. An alternative method of diving, though, known as nitrox diving, can allow divers more underwater time. While nitrox diving is attracting a growing number […]

History of Scuba Diving

By Davion Wong Do you know anything about the history of scuba diving? Scuba stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Dating back to civilizations of old, people have been engaging in breath-hold diving or free-diving. The artifacts in museums that bear the pictures of divers are evident of diving activities as early as in ancient […]

IST Dry Topped Purge Snorkel Its How a Dry Snorkel Should Be!

By Felix Tero Back in the old days, snorkelers had to contend with U-shaped, rigid-tubed snorkels that did not in any way took into consideration user comfort and convenience in its construction. The functionality of traditional, non-purge snorkels entailed intermittent blowing action in order to expel excess water that typically floods the tubular barrel in […]

Why Sydney Diving is So Great

By Brad Greentree As an instructor I have been scuba diving in Sydney since 1993 and have over 4000 logged dives. In that time, I have had some of the best dives in Sydney. In fact it would be safe to say I have enjoyed some of the best scuba diving Sydney has to offer. […]