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Ski Gear Important Considerations When Buying Ski Gloves

By Lyn Ashby Your budget is always a factor when buying ski gear. However, there is one thing you should not compromise on and that is your ski gloves. If your ski gear budget means you have to make some sacrifices along the way it is better to forgo style than it is to compromise […]

Tips For Purchasing Discount Ski Boots

By Rachell Beere Discount ski boots usually are available in various styles at the end of year. However, to find a perfect pair can be a tedious job. Below you will find some useful tips. First of all, select a store that has a good reputation on its ski boots. Therefore, you will be most […]

Advantages of Taking Skiing and Snowboarding Gear on Rent

By Kevin Gillett  If you are planning to go for a skiing or snowboarding trip and you still have not decided about your equipments, then buying the required gear seems to be the best option, but its cost is perhaps the major drawback. If you are a beginner in the sport, then getting the gear […]

Choosing Ski Boots to Match Your Skiing Ability

By Lau DuToit Before you start searching the internet blindly for the perfect ski boot there are a few things you can do to ensure that you find the perfect pair for you. Manufacturers design ski boots not only with the size and shape of the skiers foot in mind but also their level of […]

Alpine Skiing at the Olympic Games

By Nicholas James So you’re thinking of a ski holiday? Considering France, Switzerland, Italy? Anywhere with an Alpine backdrop of snow, mountains, and a decent piste. Will it be your first time or are you a seasoned pro? Are you up to the standard of a legendary ski champion such as Jean-Claude Killy? The answer […]

The Family Skiing Holiday Ski Helmets and a Worried Mum

By Simon P Dewhurst I recently read a piece in a well known UK Sunday newspaper. It was written by a Mum who Hates Skiing, and wonders why mums go to Purgatory and back once a year on the family skiing holiday. There was a picture of her standing on top of a snow capped […]

Better Ski Technique Long Fast Turns GS Turns, Lateral Projection and Tailslide

By Simon P Dewhurst Giant Slalom Turn With Lateral Projection Ever since you started skiing you have been encouraged to keep your weight on the downhill ski. Now for the first time (officially) you are going to ski on your uphill ski. Try these two exercises to give you an idea of what it feels […]

Ski Technique Edging and Carving the Skis

By Simon P Dewhurst In the article ‘A Little Bit about the Ski’ there is some stuff about reverse camber where I mention that the ski is designed as a spring. Depending on its construction, a ski can be bent to produce a substantial arc of reverse camber. For example, if a racer is making […]

Better Ski Technique Edging Exercise For More Control

By Simon P Dewhurst What you are going to learn here is how to maximize the skis’ potential by getting them on to their edges. The turns and the exercises in this section, therefore, will provide the basis for every type of controlled turn that I describe in future articles. To learn new techniques I […]

Ski Boots Buying Tips For Skiers

By Ziga Gorse Buying the perfect fitting ski boot is a tricky task, thus it is feasible to work along a professional boot fitter, who is well acquainted with the ski boots. The best place to obtain perfect fitting ski boots is ski resort. The experienced ski boot fitter will fit in hundreds of boots […]