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Storing Your Snowboard For Summer

By Lou G Well the snow has melted and summer is here… some folks may be lucky enough to still be getting turns, still others may be lucky enough to have a trip booked to some exotic summer snowboarding destination, but for the rest of us it is the end for half a year. Somberly, […]

Snowboarding Clothing

By Michael Millbank Snowboarding is an exciting sport, and you want to be warm enough to go gliding down hills in the cold wind. Snowboarding clothing has to be more than just good looking; it must be functional at keeping you warm, and dry, but it cannot be too constrictive. If you are not warm […]

Free Ride Snowboarding and Free Style

By Michael Millbank Snowboarding is an exciting fast paced sport that can take several forms. You can race down the hills or mountains maneuvering quickly or glide and slide down in a rough free style. Snowboarding itself is loosely based on other similar sports like surfing, skateboarding and skiing. Developed just prior to the 1980’s […]

Snowboarding Games

By Michael Millbank Any time a new sport item is invented two people will get together, and it will become a competition. This is simple human nature and snowboard is no different. For many who had not seen it before in early 1990’s snowboarding looked like some strange cross between skateboarding and skiing. In an […]

Choosing the Best Snowboard Boots

By Michael Millbank There are literally thousands of options that are available for snowboard boots and pretty much everyone has a problem trying to find the right pair for them if they have never purchased snowboard boots before. Snowboard boots should provide comfort, warmth and help with your performance. There are options from lower end […]

K2 Snowboards Information

By Michael Millbank K2 snowboards are one of America’s leading snowboards. The company is based out of California, believe it or not and also makes 5150 and Morrow snowboards. The two sub-company snowboards are also good quality snowboards even though they do not sport the K2 brand and logo. K2 boards are definitely a showpiece. […]

Forum Snowboards

By Michael Millbank Forum snowboards are definitely on the top of the game. That’s right. Forum offers some great technology with their snowboards which helps put them at the head of the pack in the snowboarding industry. Their newest design called the chilidog-a continuous rocker design is helping to put the fun back into snowboarding. […]

Ski and Snowboard All Year Round

By Phil Woods Our society is becoming one of expected convenience. Improving technology is helping to raise our consumer expectations in many areas. It’s now accepted that we are able to make telephone calls and read our emails wherever we are. We are becoming accustomed to being able to watch any television programme at a […]

Be Aware Snowboarding Can Cause Injury to Your Wrists

By Damien Gay Although snowboarding is an incredibly enjoyable pastime, the reality is that there is a real possibility that it can result in injury. Parts of the body such as the wrist, knees and ankles are all at risk to getting injured either from a fall or hard landing while snowboarding. There are some […]

Summer Snowboard Camps Part 1

By Lou G If you live in a desert like I do (or anywhere that gets too hot during the summer) and haven’t booked your summer vacation to cooler runnings then you should consider going to camp…summer snowboard camp! Even if the temperatures aren’t better all you have to do is fall in the snow. […]