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Why Kids Should Have the Right Equipment For Sports

By William Rigby How many times have you seen kids playing sports that don’t have the right equipment to us. They have cracked baseball bats, broken hockey sticks that are taped up to try and keep them together and more. There shoes are falling apart, helmets are missing chin straps and the list goes on […]

How to Find Good Quality Boys Baseball Caps

By Paul Sung Picking out boys baseball caps can be challenging if you want to select a high quality, long lasting cap for your child. Because children quickly grow, the most difficult aspect of selecting a boy’s cap is finding a type that will allow for their growth while still being comfortable. The most common […]

Keen Targhee Mid The Hiking Shoe People Love

By Janene Dalton The Keen Targhee has established itself as one of the top line hiking shoes in the industry. They are known for providing excellent protection, comfort and they are extremely stylish. Aside from that shoe, there is also a “Mid” version and this is what this article will focus on. This article will […]

Keen Targhee Mid Hiking Shoe

By Janene Dalton When it comes to going outdoors it is always important to ensure that an individual’s feet is protected. This is based on the fact that the terrain that people often hike on can be filled with dangers and protection of the foot is most important. For that reason, it is important that […]

Tips For Choosing Running Shoes

By Lydia Quinn It seems easy to buy running shoes, right? You probably think that as long as the pair feels comfortable on your feet and does not pinch or rub you the wrong way, then it’s the pair for you. But this myth is soon dispelled when you learn the basics of choosing them. […]

Sports Cleats Studs Vs Spikes

By Victor Epand Cleats are one of mankind’s more clever inventions, I believe. People were playing games that caused them to skid around and lose their footing. Therefore, someone had the bright idea to attach little studs to the bottom of their shoes, thereby providing instant traction. Behold the birth of the cleats. This kind […]

See and Be Seen

By Will James With winter here and the days getting shorter it presents a problem for runners, walkers and cyclists. They must exercise before work or after work, usually meaning before sunrise or after dusk. Being out in the dark presents a variety of visibility problems for pedestrians and drivers. The two most important tips […]

Wear Vasque Hiking Boots Comfortable Hiking Trip Ensured

By Abhishek Agarwal Everyone realizes by now that shoes are important in protecting feet from glass, wood chips and even pine cones. The same goes for hiking boots. So what is the best kind out there for hiking? Introducing the Vasque Hiking boots. For nearly 30 years, Vasque hiking boots has been pushing out well-fitting, […]

Why Wear Personalized NCAA Football Jersey?

By Cassaundra Flores Jerseys have come a long way since they were first introduced. Named after an island in the Clear Channels from where it was first made, jerseys before were made of either cotton or wool. In the United Kingdom, a jersey is often referred to as clothing worn by uniformed personnel. In the […]

Dressing Your Feet in Breckenridge

By Christine J. Cook Colorado is an active state, particularly in mountain towns like Breckenridge. Packing for a vacation or even a weekend getaway that involves outdoor activity can prove tedious when it comes to dressing your feet. And, since Breckenridge is a great town for active adventure seekers, you might consider giving your feet […]