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Improve Your Surfing With Thought

By Andrew D L “Energy and thought work speeds up goal attainment much more than physical work alone. Physical is the most visible, but it is only the final stage.” Alright, so you’ve got a move your really struggling with so you look at the “how to” page in a surfing magazine and yep there […]

The Evolution of the Surfing Wetsuit

By Chris Kennelly The surfing wetsuit was originally two pieces of rubber that were not exactly the most flexible items to wear when going swimming, diving or surfing, with the wearers thereof having to put powder on their bodies in order to enable them to put the suits on properly. The strength of the suits […]

How to Improve Your Surf Fitness and Turn Your Body Into a Surfing Machine

By Amanda Boyd It is no secret that surfing is one of the most fun water sports anyone could engage in. No matter what your current age, shape, or experience level, you can spend a lot of hours of enjoyment hopping on a board and riding the waves. But, it is also important to state […]

Solving Surfers Ear

By Dr. Casey Adams You might call Surfer’s Ear the epidemic of cold water surfers. Like a strange twist of payola for cold water stoke, Surfer’s Ear or “exostosis” occurs in those of us who surf consistently in water with temperatures below 60 degrees. Studies from around the world have confirmed that after ten years […]

Choosing a Surf Camp

By Mindy Peper Imagine starting your morning with warm sunshine, a cool ocean breeze, and the sands of pristine beaches underfoot. If you are looking to incorporate some excitement and new destinations in your summer this year consider taking a ride on the waves at a one-day or overnight surf camp. Interested in visiting Costa […]

Discover the Health Benefits of Surf Camps For Kids

By Eric Naftulin Many people seem to be considering surfing summer camps in addition to, or as alternative for, traditional summer camps. And why not? Surfing (or surf) camps offer all the important benefits traditional camps offer, such as the opportunity to make new friends and increase self-confidence and esteem, but surf camps offer something […]

Surfing Lessons An Hour Well Spent

By Robb Bailey It’s perfectly acceptable and, actually, highly recommended to take a surfing lesson when you’re just picking up the sport. You might think surfing is logical and that you will have the natural ability to pick it up right away, but the reality is that surfing is a very awkward sport when you […]

Surfing Judging the Ocean For Surfers

By J Edmond Souaid Paddling, catching a wave and being safe are all heavily dependent on that ability. Picking the right conditions is the first consideration. The weather should not be too severe. Surfing in heavy rain is a bad idea. It limits visibility, makes it harder to stay on your board and more difficult […]

The Longboards That Stay in the Water

By Jane Worthington Longboards have traveled far and wide. They were derived by the Polynesians when they entered the Island of Hawaii, making boards out of the wood from local trees. These surfboards were between 8-24 feet, and often weighed up to 150 pounds. Though the sport of surfing nearly died out, people continued the […]

Surfing in Nicaragua

By Alex Bezborodko Nicaragua is known for its great surfing. Tourists come to Nicaragua to enjoy the beach along with the wonderful surfing conditions. Those who love a challenge are able to ride the waves in some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. When you surf in Nicaragua, you can surf on beaches […]