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Improve Your Swim Technique and Efficiency

By Josh Stevens If you are trying to improve your swim technique or improve your efficiency in the water, you need to work on some swimming drills. Do some drills every time you workout, include technique drills as part of this. If you can fine tune your technique for the freestyle you can make the […]

How Many Calories Are Burned Swimming Laps? 4 Factors to Burning Calories While Swimming

By Jenny W. Swimming is a form of exercise that provides many benefits. If you are wanting to find an overall healthy way to lose weight and become more fit, you need to find a pool and get wet! Swimming laps several times a week is a great way to burn off some serious calories. […]

Body Position in Freestyle The 3 Steps to Achieving Correct Body Position in Freestyle

By Brenton Ford Want to get the right body position in freestyle swimming? Body position is vitally important to a smooth and effortless swim stroke. It’s a key ingredient for swimmer who wants to take their speed and times to the next level. A greater improvement in overall swimming will come from correcting body position […]

Would You Like to Try Scuba Diving? Some Swimming Lessons Will Be in Order

By Wayne Hemrick If you live in or near Boulder, Colorado and have never been scuba diving before, you will need to get some instructions in how scuba diving is done before you head out. For this purpose you will want some swim lessons. Boulder potential divers have many options for swim lessons starting out […]

The Benefits of Swimming

By Tom R. If you are looking for a way to exercise without boring yourself to death running on a treadmill, then you may want to consider swimming. Swimming is one of the best way to get a great aerobic workout and at the same time help you develop an important skill. Many people love […]

Helpful Tips For a Fun Summer of Swimming

By Billings Farnsworth Swimming is a natural activity to do in the summertime. As the temperature rises and it grows to be so hot outside, it can seem like the only way for you to cool yourself back down is to jump right into a swimming pool. You can make some really fun memories while […]

Swimming Lessons How to Swim Backstroke

By Tan Jian Yong Doing the backstroke in the water can be a relaxing and smooth swim if you understand how to do it correctly. With swimming lessons, you should have no problem perfecting the motions and proper technique. Prior to taking swimming classes, there is some information that can be beneficial to you. The […]

Swimming Classes Swimming is One of the Best Exercises and Its Full of Health Benefits

By Ng Chun Kay One reason many people tend to stop exercising is because they find it dull and boring. Exercises that can keep the interest of people and allow them to have fun while doing it will get five stars in the books of many doctors and other health care professionals. Out of all […]

Swimming For Health

By Jamie Hargis Most people start a new year out with resolutions. Losing weight and getting in top physical shape head the list. The memberships at the fitness centers around the world explode with new members trying to get in shape. What a number of people forget or don’t think of is swimming. Swimming is […]

Learn the 3 Different Ways to How to Swim Faster

By Kelly Chin How to swim faster? There are many ways to go about improving your overall time and conquering the pool in record time. Practice makes perfect. There is no other way to put it. If you are beginner who wants to improve your overall speed in swimming, then all you need to do […]