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Tennis Ball Hopper

By Michelle J Scott The tennis ball hopper is the one that is used to collect the balls that have come to the rest on the tennis court. During a practice session, these hoppers will be helpful to collect the balls, as there will be more number of balls. It is easy to collect the […]

The Power of the Backhand Slice

By Sean Light There is no doubt the over the years tennis has become a more fast paced sport. Powerful, driving shots are serious attributes for any tennis pro. But is power and speed really all tennis is about? What about slower shots like the backhand slice? Lets consider two of the tennis worlds male […]

Learn Tennis Techniques Early On

By Sydney Garrison Tennis is a wonderful game and an exciting sport to get involved with. Taking lessons is the best way for beginners to learn the sport, however if you can’t playing with someone who is more experienced, can also be very helpful to adopting good habits. It is much easier to learn the […]

Table Top Tennis Play Ping Pong on Any Table

By Kate Marsala We all love to play table tennis or as its most commonly called; ping-pong. It is a fun indoor or an outdoor game, wherever you can find a table to play on. You could use a billiard board or even a dining table to play ping. Table tennis is a fun game […]

How to Practice Your Double Handed Backhand Follow Through

By Graham Shepperdson Keep hitting the ball out of court when using your backhand? Do you feel that you are not quite able to complete your follow through? This is a situation that happens often in tennis, are you are stopping your racket at impact point, this might be the cause of not being able […]

Adapt Your Tennis Practices

By Graham Shepperdson Hi, Using a games based approach to practice specific tennis strokes is a great way to learn tennis. For example if you want to improve your serve, you need to create a match situation that you want to develop further. You are very keen on being able to vary your service placement, […]

How to Practice Your Forehand Follow Through

By Graham Shepperdson Hi, When competing in a tennis match do you sometimes feel that you could generate a little more power and direction from your Forehand? Can you fix the problem? Yes by developing a good balanced follow through, this will give you the benefit of being able to direct the ball with more […]

Learning to Play Tennis Options

By Neil Baulch If you’d like to learn how to play tennis, there are many options open to you, but hiring a private tennis instructor is the easiest way to learn. Once you hire a private tennis instructor, your first lessons will be learning the rules of the game. Before taking the court with you, […]

How Do You Practice Hitting on the Rise?

By Graham Shepperdson Hi, Before we talk about hitting on the rise you need to know why you should use this strategy. There are a many reasons and I will give you a couple of examples, the first being that you deny your opponent time to react to your shot. Secondly you will feel confident […]

Tennis Racket Selection Guide

By Robert Boyd Choosing the right tennis racket will often enhance and improve a player’s game.  But the task of selecting the perfect one for you is not an easy one.  Manufacturers have actually made it difficult because each has their own method for determining your needs.  There are so many tennis rackets to choose […]