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Avoid Triathlon Training Injuries With an Ice Bath

By Dr. Chris Segler Ice may be an age-old remedy for aching muscles and sore Achilles tendons, but it has an everyday use for marathon runners and triathletes. The post-run ice bath may help you to decrease muscle soreness, train harder and stay injury-free. When you train, the goal is to get sore, but not […]

Make Your Triathlon Bike Faster in 3 Easy Steps

By Winston Endall The biggest thing you can do to improve your triathlons is improve your bike split, as this is the longest part of the race. The easiest way to go faster on your bike is decrease your aerodynamic drag. When riding on level terrain above 27 km/h, 90 percent of the resistance you […]

Choosing the Right Triathlon Shoe For the Bike Course

By David Smythe It is obviously essential to have a very good pair of comfortable running shoes to get you through the final leg of a triathlon. But equally important is choosing the right pair of triathlon shoes for the cycle leg, otherwise it may be the case that the damage will have been done […]

Swimming in a Triathlon

By Sydney Garrison For those who are fit and love the challenge of multiple sports, triathlons can be the perfect answer. Triathlons encompass running, biking and my personal favorite swimming. If this is your first swimming triathlon, there are a few things you need to know. The first, is what equipment you will need to […]

Choosing a Triathlon Bike Tips and Information on Finding the Best Bike at the Best Price

By Jessica Albrecht The sport of triathlon is challenging, intense, fun and unfortunately expensive. From running shoes, wetsuits, bikes shoes, trisuits, and not to mention bike accessories, the money adds up. Then, you have to purchase the bike. Sure some people start out with whatever bikes they have around, some even try to compete with […]

Body Weight and Triathlon Performance

By Kerry Sullivan Often triathletes try to lose weight as they think it will make them faster. In some cases athletes try to gain weight in hopes that additional muscle mass will make them faster. This is not always the case. New thoughts are coming out on this topic of interest. Every individual out there […]

Your First Triathlon

By Nathan Hangen Don’t Think About It! Just sign up…really. I know you might be nervous, but trust me, the rewards and feelings you will get after your first triathlon will far outweigh the pain of training or the race itself. In fact, during my first triathlon I was so exhilarated that I didn’t even […]

10 Reasons to Train For a Triathlon

By Bob Cotter 1) You’re going to lose weight if you need to. When you are pushing your body to swim, run long distance, and bicycle for mile after mile, you can’t help but increase your metabolism and the calorie burning efficiency of your muscles. You’ll also end up changing your diet, if you need […]

Triathlon Weight Training Top 5 Tips

By Bob Cotter You have to strengthen your body if you want to compete successfully in your triathlon. However, this is easier said than done for the simple reason that training to have cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and good technique for three different events takes up a lot of time and, therefore, triathletes often skimp on […]

Ironman Triathlon Training Running Fast Off the Bike

By Mark Kleanthous 1. A back-to-back session is your best way. A threshold bike, which should be very hard so around 30-65 minutes. Done at least at race pace, finishing at a track. 2. A pyramid set is your best bet straight after the bike Although you will not necessary get off the bike and […]