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How Can I Jump Higher in Volleyball?

By Tim Archbold If you want to jump higher as a volleyball player you will have to strengthen you legs. There is no way around the fact that it’s the first important step you must make. Just like learning to jump in basketball, volleyball requires much of the same skills. In both sports you will […]

Utah Pro AVP Beach Volleyall Players

By Bruce Bentley This past weekend Casey Patterson and Ty Loomis won the AVP beach volleyball tournament.  Casey Patterson represents Utah in the AVP pro tour but he’s not the only one.  How many professional beach volleyball players come from Utah? The list of Utah volleyball players turning to the beach and moving to California […]

Volleyball Warm Ups

By Ellen Tayana Just like coaching any other type of sports, volleyball coaching is filled with challenges and excitement. But as with the other type of sports coaching, this one also takes the heat. As the season for a game goes on, coaching volleyball might not be filled with energy and vibrancy anymore, especially if […]

Volleyball Gear You Need to Effectively Play the Game

By Tracy Seiler-Hruska In order for volleyball players to play effectively, they need to have volleyball gear that will support them. Since volleyball requires the use of their hands and fingers, finger supports are good to have. They are made from elastic material and there are enough for all 10 fingers. They are easy to […]

College Volleyball For Athletic Scholarships

By Marian Fides Aldana Students who are talented in sports such as volleyball may apply for athletic scholarships to further their education while perfecting their athletic skills. The popularity of college sports in the United States has made athletic scholarships something which many high school students aspire to achieve. Many are looking for the most […]

Girls Club and High School Volleyball Practice Serve Receive Aint For Sissies

By April Chapple Especially for girls volleyball players here are 5 volleyball tips elite athletes use when Serve Receiving. Now you can easily perform these volleyball skills to improve your technique during games and volleyball tournaments. 1. Read the Server’s Body Position When a server is ready to serve – they usually give you some […]

Why Volleyball Officials Need to Have the Right Stuff

By Tracy Seiler-Hruska Being an official of any sport can be a difficult task. They have to make the calls, and sometimes those calls are not favorable. However, in order for them to do their jobs and officiate properly, there is equipment that they need in order to make their job a little bit easier. […]

Volleyball Tips For Successful Coaches

By Jerry Robertson Successful coaching in volleyball is like any other sport. It not only requires using your best players, with proper practice and game playing, but being prepared in other areas. For example, the diet and physical fitness of your volleyball team is critical to your team’s success. Motivation and teamwork plays a role […]

Important Volleyball Conditioning Drills

By Wayne Hairston Conditioning drills are very important, because a team’s stage of conditioning can mean the difference between winning and losing a game. Volleyball has more to it than just serves, passes, and spikes it’s a very physical and powerful game that requires more conditioning. Working on lateral movements of the feet is one […]

Kicking it Off at The Beach

By Gilbert Melgar Sun, sand, beach, net and ball – that’s all you need to play the beach volleyball, but to make a pro, those definitely won’t be enough. Beach volleyball has been a very famous sport to any country in the world where there is a beach. Aside from the rush that you get […]