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Building a Wrestling Ring is Easy!

By Kenny Leones Building a wrestling ring is no joke because it may cost a lot especially for common people who simply want to have a wrestling ring in their backyard. But since it may really be costly, it does not seem practical to purchase one. However, if there is an easy way on how […]

WWE Why Is World Wrestling So Popular As A Sport?

By Daniel Kolic I can’t believe after searching so long on the Internet for a sport to be so popular with continued support throughout the years is the WWE. This continues to be one of the most popular searched sports on the internet. I personally can’t believe it is still so big still after all […]

The Great American Bash

By Justin Diamond The Great American Bash is one of the most watched events on the World Wrestling Federation schedule each year. It has become a WWE tradition displaying some of the best matches of the year in an all American patriotic theme. To many wrestling fans, it is the Superbowl of the summer. The […]

Rumors A Way of Making a Things Interesting

By Bart Newman The rumors were created for the purpose of creating the interest over the topic. These rumors have an uncertain source and the visitors cannot be relying on the information provided there. It contains certain amount of information backed by many structures over it. It makes the real information to appear in a […]

The Wrestlers Diet

By Don Yacono The wrestler’s diet has a profound impact on overall performance. Wrestling is a very physically demanding sport. Proper nutrition helps a wrestler feel strong both physically and mentally. But, the wrong diet can leave a wrestler feeling weak, dehydrated, and cramped up. Many wrestlers do not receive the proper nutrition that is […]

The Living WWE Legend Ric Flair He Is Wrestling

By Keelan Balderson At the beginning of Impact TNA like to say “TNA, we are wrestling.” Well after watching the Hall Of Fame, Wrestlemania and the farewell segment, I think it’s safe to say the living legend Ric Flair is indeed the one true icon in pro wrestling. A little under a year ago when […]

WWE Smackdown Review 4 4 02

By Andrew Cuningham Mr. McMahon was looking to show off as the first SmackDown! after the brand extension emanated from Rochester, N.Y., on April 4! As the show opened, Mr. McMahon said that Flair had erroneously named Undertaker the No. 1 Contender at Backlash. Vince said that Flair forgot that the board of directors had […]