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Could the Big Bang Actually Be a Big Boo Boo?

By Russell Symonds While Astronomers and Existing Scientific Observations Seem to Support the Notion of “Big Bang” Origin with Authoritative Confidence, Certain Aspects of It Continue to Bother Me While mainstream science’s interpretations of today’s observations seem to be creating a more and more elaborate and precise “Big Bang” picture of creation with everything instantly […]

Meteor Showers Return The Lyrids

By Ian Maclean The Autumn (or fall) Lyrid Shower Has Historical Resonances It’s been a long three months for skywatchers in the Southern Hemisphere, with the height of summer cutting down on viewing time. As Autumn (fall) approaches, we’re getting closer to one of the oldest observed meteor showers on the planet – the Lyrid […]

Hot Water on a Hot Jupiter

By Joel Kontinen For years, astronomers have been searching for water in our Solar System and beyond it. Water is essential for life, and NASA regards the search for life as one of its major activities. Recently astronomers using the Spitzer Space Telescope detected signs of water on planet HD 189733b, a gas giant or […]

You Can Foster a Love of Astronomy

By Heather Jacobson If you ask a lot of kids if they enjoy science a good portion of them will make a face or tell you that it is not their favorite subject. Despite the disinterest in science for a lot of children, we can and should foster a love of astronomy in children. In […]

Space is Alive and Breathes Through Massive Explosions

By Leon Steyn The biggest explosion ever recorded in the history of Astronomy has just been detected in deep space (2009) and specific in the constellation of Carina. Why do we see these explosions and can they harm us on Earth?   Explosions are not new phenomena and though humans almost always associate explosions with […]

The Life and Death of the Sun

By Robert Olivieri The closest star to our planet is Sol which is Latin for the sun. For billions of years the sun has been there to provide us with, life, light, and heat. Although the sun gave us life, but can we really feel safe, because the can kill us anytime without much warning. […]

How to Take Star Photos Without a Telescope

By Willard Kalif You don’t need a telescope to take beautiful and even dramatic photos of the stars and the night sky. You just need a camera and film. In this article I give you tips and techniques for taking great night sky pictures. There are two basic types of star photos you can take. […]

Ancient Egypt and Astronomy

By Leon Steyn The Heavenly Gods Egypt stands out as the country where life was based on the Nile, the Stars and the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh was a god and after he died, he joined Osiris in the sky. Together they would circle the Earth. The only Pharaoh that believed differently was Akhenaton who believed […]

The Rorschach Test of Seeing Star Constellations

By Leon Steyn Early Sky Watchers The Chinese were not only one of the first but the culture that left us the most complete records of what they could see. In 4 BC. A man called Shih-sen produced a list of 809 stars, grouping them into 122 asterisms (close groupings). Seeing that we only use […]

Urban Astronomy Seeing the Skies in Light Polluted Areas

By Matthew Kriebel The sheer, overwhelming amount of light pollution from a city can lead many of its inhabitants to believe that there is no way they can view anything from urban areas. Its not just residents who feel this way, I’ve even talked expert astronomy authors who have told me that there was no […]