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Which Video Game Design College is Right For You?

By John Greyling When it comes to choosing a video game design college, you have more options than ever before. One of the first questions you may find yourself asking is what college is best for game design. Since there are now more choices, you can take more time to research the option that is […]

Finance University A Head Start With Leading Business and Management Education

By Amanda Chick Students with lifelong aspirations of being at the cutting edge of business and finance should not do anything by halves and enroll at a London business school to secure a head start with leading business and management education. Submerging yourself in the City of London and its intellectual hub gives students the […]

Short Guide to Getting a Psychology Degree Overseas

By Wayne Hemrick Psychology degrees continue to increase along with the demand for competent and innovative psychologists. Psychology degrees from overseas can be valuable for the international experience they provide. Australia is one of the most popular world centers of psychology studies at every level-from a bachelors degree in psychology to a PhD. An international […]

Facts and Information on the Accuplacer Test

By Damon King It is that time! The time that all the essential tests are being administered. The time when the college bound are all scrambling to have some semblance of order in their academic life. With this being said, the Accuplacer test is said to be one of the simplest of these tests to […]

Why Using Study Tips is So Important

By Luc Andria Studying is an important part of the learning experience, and it seems that an increasing number of students would greatly benefit from effective study tips and study methods. One of the best study tips is to have good study habits from an early age, and parents help by providing their school age […]

Getting Better Grades

By Luc Andria There are many reasons to want to get better grades, just as there are many methods for you to improve your grades. One of the most important aspects of getting better grades is to get enough sleep. Many younger people, especially those who are in college, think they can get away with […]

Staying Safe on College Campuses

By Richard Armen For many people, living on a college campus is their first time truly being independent and living away from home. Whether you are just moving across town, or are attending college across the country from where you grew up, living in an unfamiliar area can be scary. While living on your own, […]

GRE Preparation Courses The Secret to Passing the GRE Test

By Frank Dee You have heard about the GRE and how difficult it is to pass this exam. You may also have been told that you must be a genius with very high IQ to pass this exam. Here is the good news; passing this exam is easy provided you have appropriate GRE preparation course […]

How to Maximize on GRE Practice Tests

By Frank Dee The GRE exam is modeled along standard IQ test and is designed to test your general intelligence and ability. This is why the vocabulary section of the exam is so important: vocabulary is the best predictor of knowledge and ability used in most tests. Your GRE practice tests should therefore help you […]

Use a Statement of Purpose Sample to Win Acceptance

By Josh Hohman The MBA statement of purpose is an extremely important document for anyone to prepare because it will show those involved with the application process which unique qualities a candidate possesses. Each and every person will make different contributions to a program, but it is up to the school to decide on who […]