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Future Cities

By Howard Kozloff A recent post responding to The Futurist magazine’s “Outlook 2010” asks the question ‘What’s Next for 21st Century Cities?’ While some points are strong, and the importance of raising and continuing debate and discussion can not be overstated, there are some remarks that are over-simplified and somewhat narrow-minded. Take, for example, the […]

Survival 2012 Are We Scared Or Prepared For 2012?

By Viola Bontrager Survival 2012… the date we have heard about for so long is now fast approaching and what should we be doing about it? Some very real and valid questions on many of our minds are… “Is it another Y2K?” “Is it for real?” Should I be worried about my family? How can […]

Can We Use Material Memory For Propulsion?

By Lance Winslow Some Think Tanks have been saying for years that we can use material memory to propel craft, just as like nature does. Consider if you will that birds flap wings, sharks move vehicle fins. Each of these organisms is naturally equipped for forward propulsion using the most efficient system possible against the […]

UAV Design Which Uses Solid Dissolvable Fuel As Part of Wing Structure

By Lance Winslow It appears possible to create an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV, which has a wing structure made up of its own fuel. As the flight progresses the aircraft uses up this fuel, the plane becomes lighter, less strength in its wing structure is needed, and everything works fine. This can be done […]

Memory Materials in Achieving Unpredictable Flight Pattern

By Lance Winslow Unpredictability in flight is a common tactic that many insects use to survive against predators. It seems very inefficient on first glance, but indeed, if an insect gets eaten, then efficiency didn’t matter much anyway. Okay, so consider that scenario, lets fast forward to small micro-UAVs used in the modern battlespace in […]

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles With Fuel That is Part of the Airframe Structure

By Lance Winslow We all know that there are solid fuel rockets, and that they have indeed provided a good amount of thrust for space craft, satellite rockets, and military missiles and weapons as well. Why not develop a new concept along these lines, one for micro UAVs or larger UAVs which used the fuel […]

Save the Tree

By Larry Keen News papers printed on paper are on the same track as say the steam locomotive. It was great for a time, it changed the world, but when it’s time came it went kicking and screaming to the museum like all the other out modes. Today, like most I read my newspapers, a […]

YouTube Skills Equals Opportunity For Educators

By Maurice Savage To many in the 30-something and beyond generations, YouTube is a strange phenomenon and a somewhat confusing business concept. Older generations do not fully understand what YouTube is about and generally avoid it. ‘Kids’ spending hour after hour on the computer making & sending silly video clips to each other: “What is […]

Is it Wise to Take a Year Off in a Down Economy? A Gap Year Could Be a Great Idea

By Beth C. Hood New graduates have been doing it in Europe and Australia for decadesĀ  – taking a year off before either continuing with school or looking for a job. The practice is common throughout the world but here in America, many parents cringe at the idea. And now, given the economy, is it […]

The Theory of Divine Predestined Multiplicity

By Mike Ellis There has been a question in the minds of people since religions and religious philosophies have existed, namely the question of predestination. How can it be that mankind has free will if there is predestination? How can there be destiny if there is not predestination? How can there be fate if we […]