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A New Way to Learn Chinese Online With ChinesePod

By Sarah Fan The demand of Chinese skill is amazingly increasing now as China is one of the fastest developing countries. However, not everyone has the time and chance to enroll into a class to take lessons. More and more people are starting to learn Chinese online due to the convenience of the internet. There […]

How to Speak Italian

By Jon Einshemerin They say that Italian language is music to the ear. It awakens a sense of passion and romance to individual. It brings music to your ears that you wish you can just speak like that. But how, when speaking Italian is quite hard to learn? Don’t start it up with some negative […]

How to Effortlessly Learn Hindi

By Simon Cad The first semester or two it seems hopeless. You memorize some words, learn some basic sentence structure, and may be able to speak and understand a few phrases. Just like any other language, though, learning Hindi does get easier with time. What may seem impossible one day is easy a few months […]

How to Practice a New Language For Introverts

By Laurianne Sumerset Language learning, despite the popularity of software-based language training, can’t be a solitary pursuit. After all, language itself was designed as means to communicate. If you’re not communicating, you’re probably not doing it right. A Challenge For Introverts Introverts can have a difficult time learning a new language because of their propensity […]

Cliches For ESL Writers

By Laurianne Sumerset Cliches are the bane of many ESL speakers, especially when writing. Since they’re not attuned to the nuances of a language, many tend to misinterpret what many of these “clever-sounding strings of words” actually mean. As such, when you see them use it, the whole thing is often painfully taken out of […]

Using Rocket Languages Mandarin Lessons

By Miriam Price Rocket Languages is one of the most popular self-learning tools on the market today for learning a new language. One of their offerings is the Mandarin lessons to learn the Chinese (a.k.a. Mandarin) language. Rocket Language actually claims that over 400,000 people use their products on a daily basis to learn French, […]

Become Bilingual by Learning German Online

By Thomas P The globe is not restricted to one language for communication today. You have to be multi-faceted to survive in this arena of cut-throat competition. One such domain requiring attention is your ability to be able to speak and understand multiple languages. It becomes more imperative as most of the businesses and organizations […]

Learning Asian Languages Becomes a Trend

By Roland Poitevin In an age of outsourcing and joint collaborations, the importance of a global language like English cannot be stressed enough. English has not only turned into a global language attracting students from all parts of the world to take it up as a research subject, it has also helped in breaking the […]

How to Choose a Good English Language Course

By Tomas Busse The importance of English training courses cannot be emphasized on enough. We all know that as a universally accepted language, immigrants can raise their earnings by well over 20% if they can speak English well. And to cater to this vast market, English training courses are springing up all over the world. […]

Online Opportunities For Language Learning

By Laurianne Sumerset There are plenty of opportunities to study languages online. Some of them are paid, though many are free. If you want, in fact, you can drown in the amount of information available. So why we do we even bother to encourage people to use an offline language learning software? Because dedicated desktop-based […]