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A Complete Guide to Controlling Algae With Barley Straws

By Lara Davidson It is not clear when the barley straws started, but it is pretty obvious that these straws are pond owners’ and fish farmers’ pals. Because of its popularity, it is not new or surprising to find bales of barley straw being sold in pond centers and garden shops for use in small […]

The Phylogeny of Organisms

By Nuno Alex Lopes Biologists recognize that all living organisms are related to each other through this descent and that there is a single phylogeny,or Tree of Life, that exists objectively in nature and quite apart from our ability to discover it.In accepting this idea, biologists embrace the grand paradigm of evolution and reject both […]

Existence in Forests

By Rajneesh Ojha Trees are the pillars of the vegetation upon which such of the another plant animation is wrought. Related with them, there may be more than a thousand kinds of shrubs, vines, herbs, ferns, mosses, and toadstool, plane in a midget area of woodland. Using trees as concur, the smaller plants discolour in […]

The Beauty in Nature

By Kathy Zengolewicz I’ve come to a place in my life where I am looking for more.┬áMore of what, I don’t know. We all go through this phase; it’s a part of growing. What’s next for me? What can I do to feel more fulfilled in my life?┬áMaybe meditation! So, to see if there was […]

Transferring Bees To A New Home 4 Points To Consider

By Abhishek Agarwal 1. The new beekeeper The new beekeeper will be more than enthusiastic to have his new bees arrive by post. Before the bees arrive he would have chosen a suitable place to put his new bees in along with the new hive. The place for the bee hive would have to be […]

The Human Element of Environmentalism

By Tony Mandarich The researchers at Paradise Earth agree that there is a need for stronger environmental policies, but also recognize that we need to find a way to help the environment without forgetting about the impact on the vast population whose survival is based on Earth’s commodities. Restrictions placed on the land and natural […]

Whats the Difference Between a Forest and a Tropical Rainforest?

By EnRico Nestler First of all, a regular forest usually consists of one dominant species of tree – the evergreen forests of colder climates, or the redwood forest of California, for example. A tropical rainforest has many species of trees and plants, and trees of the same species very seldom grow close together. Scientists have […]