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Real Psychics Caution! The Only True Way To Prove A Psychic Is Really Good (No Bull)

By Danny Fredricks Looking for a real psychic? I don’t blame you! If you have any interest in getting a psychic reading, the biggest factor in what you will RECEIVE from the reading is the accuracy, legitimacy or honesty of the intuitive. And unfortunately, if you are like me and have been studying psychic phenomena […]

How to Get an Accurate Love Tarot Reading

By Grace Leigh How do you get the most from your love tarot reading? This is an important question to ask since the majority of people asking for a Love Tarot reading end up confused or disappointed after their reading. Yet questions about love, relationships, marriage, divorce and soul mates remain the most frequently asked […]

Predictions of Renewal For 2012

By Gordon Leon The 2012 date is based on the last date in the Mayan calendar – the last day of the 5125.36 year cycle as well as the even longer 26000 year cycle. The Mayans had a remarkably sophisticated calendar that has provided an accuracy rate of predictions unprecedented by most other prediction generators. […]

Online Psychics Explained

By Anna Z It has become more acceptable to consult a psychic. When I was a child, the idea of a business person calling up a psychic for advice was laughable (in fact, there might have been a Carol Burnett skit about that very thing). These days it is more common place to hear that […]

Telekinesis A Theory That Makes it Possible

By Andrei Bannikov We made rapid progress after realizing that the Earth was not flat, but no matter what evolutionary stage we are at in terms of understanding existence, we could always still be wrong in our interpretations. I wrote my telekinesis article based on my vision of elementary existence with one purpose only – […]

The History of Psychic Powers

By Tom Sangers Psychic powers have been known to the human race throughout history. Indications of this ability can be found in every civilization around the globe. Shaman and medicine men from the early human tribes, and the Indian tribes of the United States were endowed with these natural powers. Cosmic energy was a key […]

Learn How to Get an Affordable Psychic Reading (Never Settle For a Sub Par Reading Again!)

By Danny Fredricks Are you interested in getting an affordable psychic reading? Many of us are, right? (especially in light of today’s disastrous and ongoing economic nonsense) But if you’re anything like me, you simply do NOT want to compromise on quality. Let’s be honest – why even GET a reading in the first place […]

Psychic Mistakes 3 Sure Shot Blunders You Must Never Make While Getting a Psychic Reading

By Danny Fredricks Let’s talk about psychic mistakes. It always amazes me how many people make terrible and tacky mistakes when getting a reading. Do you? I hope not. But the truth is, some people don’t even realize that they’re doing it…yet, whenever I speak to a psychic, or friends who give readings, they amaze […]

Having Trouble Predicting the Future? No Problem, It Comes Again in a Minute Or So!

By Lance Winslow Predicting the Future is not easy, nevertheless, the more you do it the better you get. Where many new futurists make mistakes is that they try to predict too far into the future and when they do they make mistakes. Sometimes very big ones; take the popular book MegaTrends for instance, it […]

Avail Psychics For Solutions

By Michael Antony All of us possess five senses, but some people posses the Sixth sense, which helps in Extrasensory perception (ESP). Such people with special gifts were earlier called Seers, Prophets, etc. and now are known as Psychics and clairvoyants. The word Psychic means ‘Mental’ or ‘Of the Soul’. It involves an ability to […]