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What Are Organic Photovoltaics Used For?

By Cathy Patterson If you are interested in starting up your own solar energy system at your home, which is a great thing for more reasons than one, then one of the key components that you are going to need to purchase are some solar energy panels. These are going to be the main building […]

Nanotechnology Technical Advances in Health Medicine and Everyday Environments

By Michael Benfield We are all now on a Fantastic Voyage Do you remember ‘Fantastic Voyage’ – the sci-fi film in which scientists shrank a submarine and crew, injected them into a dying man, and saved him from certain death before being resized for more adventures? Scripted by Harry Kleiner in 1966 and novelized for […]

How to Effectively Learn Human Anatomy

By Brendon Mitchell When a person first takes on the challenge of learning the anatomical structures and functions of the human body the task can seem daunting. There are specific ways an individual can increase their efficiency by utilizing proper educational resources and methods to effectively learn anatomy. A dedicated persistence is necessary to learn […]

The Different Options For Lighting Your Microscope

By Andrew K Long The earliest known microscopes were primitive yet functional. They usually consisted of a tube with the lenses mounted within, and adjustment knob to raise or lower the objective over the specimen for focusing, and a mirror under the simple stage to illuminate the specimen with sunlight or candle. This limited the […]

11 Dimensional Mind

By Jim Starr Scientists now assert that our universe may have upwards of eleven spatial dimensions, yet we still perceive only three. Isn’t it INTERESTING that our minds can’t deal with the very reality we’re immersed in? And yet this remarkable existential disconnect gets no more than passing mention in today’s popular physics books. A […]

Science and Soap

By Sam Pollard There is an abundance of information and research on the ingredients of soap. The top scientists have concluded that any soap containing chemical ingredients will aggravate sensitive skin, thereby giving soap makers a dilemma as they struggle to define the word “Natural” when labeling their products. People will panic buy believing the […]

Genetic Studies

By Donna M Williams Our genes provide a blueprint of our lives. It determines everything from the color of our skin and hair to our susceptibility and resistance to certain diseases. As cells differentiate into various organs and body parts, our genetic blueprint and our chances for certain genetic diseases are being written into our […]

Is Carbon Monoxide Really the Deadly Killer it is Said to Be?

By Debbie Parkinson Walk through most any home today and what do you see? Televisions? Of course. Cell phones? Without a doubt. What about iPhones, iPods, and WIIs? The list goes on. See any smoke detectors? In many cases. The installation of smoke detectors in homes has closely paralleled the wearing of seat belts. Folks […]

Capsules and Loose Slime in Microbes

By Leena Grace B Some bacteria form capsules, which constitute the outermost layer of the bacterial cell and surround it with a relatively thick layer of viscous gel. Capsules may be up to 10 ┬Ám thick. Some organisms lack a well-defined capsule but have loose, amorphous slime layers external to the cell wall or cell […]

Infrared Optics

By John Cheesman Infrared Optics also referred to as IR optics, are heat absorbing filters. Infrared optics are designed to reflect or block mid-infrared wavelengths but allow visible light to pass. These types of optics are very often used in devices that have bright incandescent light bulbs, overhead projectors, for example; and are used to […]