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Answering Your Bird Questions

By Mike Selvon If you stop to think about it, birds are always around us. They are in the woods and even found in the most populated cities in the world. The bird is a true testament of how evolution has changed an animal. Many people are fascinated with anything that involves a bird. There […]

Helping Conserve the Elephants and Leopards of Sri Lanka

By Mark Bottell Wildlife conservation holidays are becoming an increasingly popular option for travellers tired of the same old beach or ski trips, or students looking for an adventure to fill their gap-year. This unique brand of ethical tourism can take you to some of the most beautiful places on Earth. It will allow you […]

Looking For the Biggest Elk?

By Jenny Styles Any discussion regarding the biggest elk can take on several meanings. One could be talking about animal body size. In the wild, it could be difficult to find and measure the biggest elk out there. Very often, for trophy elk especially, it’s the size and spread of the antlers that finds its […]

All About Blob Fish

By Sara Le Not many people ever see a blob fish. That’s because they live in very deep water, almost on the bottom of the ocean. To put it bluntly, blob fish are not very attractive. But the only people who ever really get to see them are fishermen who accidentally catch them in their […]

Purple Martin Birdhouses Choosing the Right One For Your Garden

By Tom J White Purple Martin’s are well known as a gardeners best friend and will eat a wide range of flying insects before they destroy your plants.¬†Purple Martin’s are unique in that the vast majority of them live in birdhouses rather than natural nests, this makes them easier than most bird species to attract […]

Understanding Benthic Habitats

By Allie Moxley The ocean is a vast and mysterious place that a lot of people do not know much about. There is a whole underwater world out there that is filled with all kinds of plants, animals, and organisms that all play a role in the ocean’s ecosystem. Having a better understanding of the […]

The Basic Buzz on Bird Feeders

By Wesley Z Thompson Bird feeders offer the best way to turn your own yard into a mini oasis for the wild birds in your area. They can often be customized so that they are sometimes full of a number of grains to fit the different nutrition needs for the various species of our feathered […]

Bring it on Home With the Right Bird Feed

By Joe Cortez So you have decided to make the ultimate jump into supporting avian wildlife in your community by purchasing a top of the line bird feeder. This will be a wonderful addition to your outdoor paradise, as it brings birds of all kinds to frequent your patio for years to come. In addition, […]

The Peregrine Falcon The Teflon Bird of Prey

By Gary L Freeman “Look up! It’s a bird…..It’s a plane……It’s The Peregrine Falcon!” Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Superman was a fictitious character, as was Humphrey Bogart in the Maltese Falcon, and although very popular and very entertaining, was no match for a real, super bird called the Peregrine Falcon. This creature is one of […]

Northern Pike Psychology and Diet

By Douglas Lampi The Northern Pike is typically the fiercest predator of the freshwater world with its long, broad snout and an awning mouth filled with broad bands of sharp, pointed teeth. Its very name, derived from the Latin, means literally ‘water wolf’ and is an apt description of the underwater terror and its incredible […]