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Ideas on Anniversary Dates

By Andrew Darson Different people have different meaning of dating. For some people dating is just fun and for other people it is the collection of cherished moments between couples. People try to get deep understanding of each others heart and try to adjust with the mental outlook of the partner. People possess different attitude […]

Gift Ideas For the Significant Wedding Anniversaries

By Anabel Scott While all wedding anniversaries are significant, there is something special about getting to one of the big ‘milestones’. I have compiled a list of some popular gift ideas for each of these anniversaries. Wedding anniversary gift giving was an old tradition which the Victorians first started. Each year a couple celebrates their […]

What to Write in an Anniversary Card A Love Letter

By Dave Pipitone Have you ever planned for a special anniversary marked on your calendar and wondered what to write in an anniversary card? Anniversary greetings are a very popular way to say thank you, I love you, let’s keep our relationship going when an anniversary comes. Many greeting cards today have a variety of […]

Anniversary Party Ideas

By Peter Gitundu An anniversary is a very vital day for any couple who appreciate their union and it is therefore celebrated with a lot of fun fair and events like parties. At this point, you need anniversary party ideas desperately. There are many tips that are helpful when it comes to planning of anniversaries. […]

Wedding Anniversary Gift Baskets Years 13 15

By Beverly Sugarman To reach thirteen to fifteen years of marriage is quite an accomplishment, especially in today’s society. To create the perfect gift basket for these important occasions, you may want to be aware of the different flowers, colors and gifts that are associated with them. This may help you with the design and […]

Easy Ways to Find the Right Anniversary Gift

By Jamie Jefferson Whether you need to buy a gift for your significant other or you’re purchasing for a special couple in your life, finding the right anniversary gift can sometimes be a hard task. Fortunately, there are some easy steps that you can take to find just the right gift. The reason buying anniversary […]