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What Are Some Good Conversation Starters That You Can Apply?

By Ciara Jones Meeting new people and introducing yourself all over again could be a great deal because you are again adjusting to another person. It would be difficult to have a conversation with a newly met person because you do not know each other yet. So, what are good conversation starters that you could […]

You Know She is Probably Waiting For an Apology From You

By Joel Williams Without a doubt one of the most difficult emotions to face is breaking up with someone you still care about and it hurts even worse when you know you’ve done something to alienate your partner. Sometimes we take for granted the person we love the most and it is only when we […]

Body Language, Personality and Arrogance

By Ted Dorfman Does body language really tell us about individual personality? While it does not provide an entire personality profile, it suggests clues that are important for understanding people. General body posture, facial expressions, tone of voice, reactions to criticism and disappointments are hints about the essential character of another. For instance, let’s examine […]

How to Communicate Effectively to Save Your Relationship Do You Know How?

By Jason Jee Once a relationship is near its end, communication seems nearly impossible to do. Since this factor is one of the essential elements that make the relationship stable, taking it away would definitely lead to break up. With determination and faith, you can still save your relationship from failing. The basic in fixing […]

Your Attitudes Are Influenced by Your Beliefs

By Stanley Lai How to make a person think? The reality in this world we live today is that everyone wants something, they are working so hard to acquire, yet they have not got it yet. The way people gain your attention is by speaking about what you are interested in, what you are involved […]

Young and Shy?

By John H Hogan Hi, Are you a teenager and going through some social problems at school? By that I mean, do you find yourself sitting alone in class, burying your head in a book during lunch time to avoid conversations or simply find that you don’t have any friends and not very popular? I’ve […]

What Will Help Put a Stop to Communication Issues in Relationships?

By Elaine Bothwell Do you and your partner ever fight? Do you fight over trivial things and wonder why you both can’t just sort your differences out like adults? Does the way in which your partner argue with you hurt more than what you’re arguing about? Some of the biggest complaints heard from friends about […]

How Can I Get My Partner to Agree to Relationship Counseling?

By Joba Sanderson If you think relationship counseling is just what your relationship needs, I bet you have one glaring problem. That problem would be in convincing your partner to agree to the counseling. It is kind of ironic. I mean, if you both were open enough to readily agree to relationship counseling, you probably […]

The Silent Treatment

By Margaret Paul, Ph.D. Research indicates that children would rather be yelled at than ignored. When prisoners are being punished, they are put in isolation, because being isolated is one of the harshest punishments there is – other than physical abuse. The silent treatment is a form of punishment, a way to attempt to control […]

Psychology of Communication It is a Snap

By Aleks Srbinoski The one thing people are very good at doing is judging others. If we want to survive in the world, our psychology of communication, being the conclusions we draw from other peoples verbal and non-verbal behaviour requires that we make quick decisions based on our snap judgments. A snap judgment is a […]