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How to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back 2 Solid Tips That Shouldnt Fail

By Christopher Mollo When a relationship ends badly, both parties don’t always want the same thing. In fact, a high percentage of people who end their relationship are still in love, and are interested in winning their girlfriend or boyfriend back. Because of this, many people have written books on how to win back your […]

Can I Get My Wife Back Even If She Wants a Divorce? 3 Tips to Get Your Wife Back Fast

By Penelope Allen If your wife filed for divorce, or is talking about filing for divorce even though you still love her, you are probably searching everywhere for answers to the question “Can I get my wife back?” If your wife seems emotionally distant, or is telling you that she doesn’t want to work on […]

Eclipse of the Heart

By Claire Vorster ‘He didn’t have a fantastic group of people sorrowing on His behalf, but the frame of nature itself solemnized the death of its author, heaven and earth were mourners, the sun was clad in black and if the inhabitants of the earth were unmoved, the earth itself trembled under the awful load. […]

5 Easy Steps to Help Me Get My Girlfriend Back

By Lilly Cartas I hear you saying “help me get my girlfriend back” – keep reading and learn. Most of the advice you find on relationships is quite extensive and a large number of it is just plain wrong or even dangerous. Now I am not an expert but I have spent a large part […]

How to Win Your Ex Back After You Have Cheated

By Wilbur A. Straus Break ups, more often than not, are a result of one party cheating on the other. However, it usually happens that when you are no longer, you suddenly realize that you really love your ex after all and you cannot live without him or her. Now, your main problem will be […]

Why No Contact is the Best Way to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

By Ilona Benes If you cannot get her out of your mind for even a minute, it is going to be very hard to stick to “no contact”. But you will see that the idea of having no contact with your ex at all is exactly the discipline you need at this time to get […]

Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back After He Left You For Someone Else Do You Really Want Him Back?

By Ilona Benes Even though you are completely devastated right now, before you decide that you want to get your boyfriend back, there are a few things to consider. The big question of course, is why he left you for someone else in the first place. When you think things over now, do you suddenly […]

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous! Do You Know If You Can Do This You Can Literally Get Her Back

By Russell Jackson If your girlfriend has left you in a huff and if you know that she is the jealous type then you can use this inside information to your advantage in getting her back. Here are some moves that will allow you to press the right buttons to make your ex girlfriend jealous […]

How to Get Your Ex Back From Another Girl! It Wont Seem Impossible After You Understand These Tips

By Russell Jackson If your ex has bounded out of your arms and bounced right into the arms of another girl then you know that this rebound is not true love. However, instead of forcing your ex to accept your views, which he never will, and driving him further into the other girl’s arms, use […]

Get Your Boyfriend Back Learn How to Make Your Ex Want You Back So Badly That it Hurts!

By Ilona Benes As depressed as you are now, you probably think that you will NEVER get your boyfriend back. This is so wrong! Of course you’ll get him back – just go about it in the right way – that’s all. What you really mustn’t do now though, is to call him and sob […]