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Hes 40 But Still Single?

By Matt D Fuller Don’t be put off by his singles status. Check out all the great things guys in their 40s have to offer. Don’t believe everything you read. When men turn 40, every glossy magazine you pick up explains why 40+ year old men are risky propositions as far as dating goes. Apparently, […]

Finding True Love When You Are Over 50

By Mona Loeser Looking for a new love when you are over 50 is scary, especially if you have been in a relationship for many years and suddenly finds yourself alone. Whether you have been widowed or divorced getting into the dating scene take a lot of internal fortitude. So, here are some do’s and […]

Falling in Love Again For the Unattached and Young at Heart

By Della Cory Falling in love was never easy, the courting, the confusion and the commitment were all things that were exciting, yet frightening. Imagine falling in love again, after a gap of twenty years or thirty years. You may be mourning the death of your spouse or frustrated and bitter over a lengthy divorce, […]

Why Online Dating is Perfect For Seniors

By David M. Perkins First of all, I should say that most people I know, who are over the age of fifty, bristle at being called ‘seniors.’ They don’t consider themselves old, they resent the mail they receive from AARP, and they won’t even accept the discounts available at movie theatres, restaurants, and other commercial […]

Dating Advice for Boomer Women Can You Get Stale on Match?

By Ronnie Ann Ryan The other day my client Cheryl asked me if after a year on Match, was she now considered stale? I thought this was a fascinating question. How long does it take before you should switch sites to be considered new again? I responded by asking a few questions: Was her profile […]

Fabulous Date Ideas For Baby Boomers

By Ruth Purple The dating game is always dynamic: going out on a date when you were 17 is not quite the same as going out when you’re 50 or so. People grow older, and along with it come a pretty healthy sense of what one desires out of life and especially out of love. […]

Dating Advice For Boomer Women Lacking Motivation? Get a Dating Buddy!

By Ronnie Ann Ryan During the last group coaching session of the spring series, one of my clients, Isabel, has been struggling with staying motivated. She finds so many reasons to not go to events or worse, signing up for things, but not attending them. This pattern has kept her from sticking with her dating […]

Dating Advice For Boomer Women Dont Settle For Half a Relationship, Even If the Sex is Fun

By Ronnie Ann Ryan Is there anything wrong with good sex? Of course not. But if you’re looking for more than a roll in the hay, maybe even a loving partnership, you may need to raise your standards for what’s acceptable in a relationship. One of my clients asked about a dating situation she was […]

Online Dating Safety Part 1 Protect Your Identity And Personal Information

By Adam Till Few people have the time or the desire to spend night after night at bars or clubs looking for romance. For many, online dating sites have become a convenient alternative. Online dating has a reputation for being dangerous, but it needn’t be unsafe at all. If a few precautions are taken, it […]