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How to Get a Girlfriend 4 Keys to Female Attraction

By Chris Tyler Well, you want to know how to get a girlfriend and my assumption is that you don’t want to have to approach dozens of women with the hopes that one of them will decide to say yes and go out on a date with you. Most guys have a hard time attracting […]

What to Say to a Female You Like When You Dont Want to Scare Her Away

By Bellaisa Filippis Are you one of those guys that puts their foot in their mouth all the time? Don’t worry because the entire population of males, minus a few lucky and lusted after ones, are like that. The thing is that once you get into a relationship it will not hurt you as much […]

What Does Taking a Break in a Relationship Signify?

By Kum Martin If you have ever been in a steady relationship, it is quite likely that you have heard the phrase, “We need to take a break”. Even though Rachael had said the same to Ross in Friends, and the phrase, “We were on a break” became the 90s anthem; in real life this […]

The 3 Best First Date Compliments to Ensure a Second Date!

By Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D. Do you find yourself going on plenty of first dates, but never getting to the second date? Or maybe it’s a challenge to even get to the first date? If so, you might need to polish the skills it takes to create an authentic attraction, one that creates enough curiosity that […]

How to Get Your Boyfriend to Feel Strong Emotional Attachment Towards You! This Will Get Him Hooked

By Russell Jackson Emotional attraction is a by-product of several interrelated factors in a relationship. It is usually induced by different activities. Deny it or not but it is every woman’s desire to make their man or boyfriend feel emotionally attached. Here are some ways to do it: Always initiate great conversations. A relationship doesn’t […]

Female Attraction Secrets How to Make a Woman Want YOU

By Chris Tyler Trying to get that one special woman that you have had your eyes on for quite some time now to reciprocate those feelings is not easy. Being able to trigger attraction in a woman is a special skill that most guys really do not possess, but that does not mean that YOU […]

How to Make a Man Want You More Than Ever Before? He Will Want You a Lot More After You Follow These

By Russell Jackson To maintain a relationship or to make it deeper, a woman must not only be able to get a man’s attention but to keep it. To do that, she must be able to maintain his interest. Self-confidence A woman must learn to love herself. Self-confidence stands out more than beauty. If she […]

Flirting With Women Flirting Tips For Guys to Win the Girl You Like

By Tom Founder We can flirt when we meet the girl we like. That is normal. But a lot of time the flirt can go wrong and can make your move unsuccessful. Flirting with women is not difficult. However, it needs skills and practices. In this article, we are going to give flirting tips for […]

How to Get a Guy to Kiss You Without Any Hesitation! This Will Get You Super Fast Results Today

By Russell Jackson This rather pleasant experiment should always start with a trip to the dentist. Seriously! You need to know and be confident that your breath smells sweet and your teeth and lips look endearingly kissable. So, book that appointment, and the try these ideas. Smile Do you have a lovely smile? Can you […]

How to Get a Shy Guy to Open Up! Follow These Tips and Watch Him Easily Open Up to You

By Russell Jackson The ultimate challenge – Mr. Cutie is a shy baby. It can only get better if you work it, and boy, will it work if you try some of these neat ideas on how to draw out a shy guy. Share some jokes With shy guys, it would be better off to […]