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Does Divorce Have to Be Your Fate? No! Every Marriage Can Be Saved Here Are 5 Steps to Save Yours

By Juliette Christian Most couples, when they have marriage problems, always seem to have one answer: divorce. But I am here to tell you, that you can fix your good marriage and have a better relationship than you ever had. Of course, you will have to put in some work at first. I have five […]

A Peaceful Divorce Making Smart Choices

By Amelie Chance While it may seem completely out of the norm to have the goal of a peaceful divorce, rest assured it is possible to accomplish. You’ll need to put aside the horror stories of others, and mentally just block out their endless stories of nightmare ex-husbands, incompetent or overpriced divorce attorneys, and complete […]

Are You Heading For a Divorce? You Can Stop a Divorce From Happening! Read This Article

By Juliette Christian Not very often do I find unmarried people reading this article, so I believe I can safely assume that you are married and trying to figure out how to keep it together. There are very few cases where married people go to all lengths to find ways to rebuild their marriage, as […]

Overlooked Assets in Divorce

By Joseph Devine In the event of a divorce, couples are often forced to make difficult decisions on how to divide their lives during the legal process. This often includes deciding how to split shared property, determining how child custody should work, and discussing alimony or spousal support that may be required. These issues are […]

Preventing the Divorce From Happening You Can Do it Like I Did! Here Are Crucial Steps

By Juliette Christian Usually, people who end up reading this article are in the position where their spouse has decided to ask for divorce. You are probably in the very same position, trying to find ways to prevent him from breaking it up. What provides a little hope is that you are one of the […]

How to Stop a Divorce Things You Must Do in Order to Get Your Marriage Back on Track

By Juliette Christian How shocked the world must be now to realize that an institution as sacred and respected as marriage is blowing up in the faces of many couples worldwide. Many people who are having troubles in their marriage are beginning to worry about whether or not they can save their union. You are […]

How to Stop Your Divorce Now! (No Matter How Hopeless it Seems)

By Daniel J. Harken No matter how inevitable it seems, no matter how bad your marriage is right now, if you want to learn how to stop your divorce now, apply this advice. You will see an immediate improvement in almost any possible relationship – no matter how hopeless things seem! First step: stop pleading, […]

Divorce Doesnt Have to Be Your Fate Your First Step to Saving Your Marriage

By Juliette Christian Whoever is reading this article is worthy of commendation for taking whatever steps necessary to save a crumbling marriage. Too many people are willing to let their marriages slip way and the commendable few who are willing to fight for it are the ones who really deserve happiness. Being part of a […]

Preventing Divorce When Things Seem Hopeless You Can Do it! Lets Save Your Marriage Together!

By Juliette Christian I am saying that “you can do it, you can prevent divorce even when things are hopeless” and “let’s save your marriage together”, because I personally have saved my marriage from the brink of a divorce, and at a time when things seemed hopeless. I did so by getting outside help, and […]

Can You Stop a Divorce When Everything Seems Hopeless? Yes, You Can, Just Like I Did! Read This!

By Juliette Christian Maintaining a marriage is by no means something easy to accomplish. After all, when two completely different people with completely different likes and dislikes live under one roof; there are going to be a lot of problems. If you can get past your differences, it can be the best experience both of […]