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Domestic Violence 101 Laws, Facts and Information

By James Oronoz Domestic violence implicates a wider range of offenses beyond simple battery. Acts which constitute this type of crime include any of the following: • A battery; • An assault; • Compelling the other by force or threat of force to perform an act from which she has the right to refrain or […]

Suggestions For Leaving an Abusive Partner by One Whos Been There

By Carolyn McFann Though I am not a doctor, my advice comes from a combination of personal experience and therapy given to me by professionals. Leaving someone controlling and/or abusive can be (and usually is) a dangerous situation, so more than anything, my wish to you is to call your local domestic violence hotline and […]

Its Not You, Its Them

By Beverly Cialone “It’s all your fault.” “You made me do it.” “You make me that angry.” “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” Do any of these phrases sound familiar? Perhaps you have been the victim of even more sinister verbal and emotional abuse. Things such as name-calling and placing blame and guilt on a […]

The 5 Warning Signs That You Should NEVER Get Back With Your Ex

By Jen A. Thomas In relationships, immaturity is a definite contributor to break ups. Selfish behavior, taking your partner for granted and irrational outbursts of jealousy are key reasons why relationships fail. If both partners are committed to changing these self-defeating behaviors, relationships can be salvaged and break ups can be avoided. However, if your […]

Domestic Violence Survivors Pleasing Others With Or Without Authenticity

By Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D. Nearly a decade ago a woman said to me, people won’t trust you if/when they know you are a domestic abuse survivor. And I thought, why not? Having moved beyond my own personal ordeal with domestic violence, I’m beginning to understand what she meant. It’s hard to trust a domestic […]

Dating Relationship The Mind Game of Verbal Abuse

By Daryl Campbell “Can’t you do anything right” You’ve heard that in some form or another more than once from your significant other. Whether it’s going out on a date, doing a simple household chore or a non serious conversation you seem to always be on the defensive with the other person. That kind of […]

Family Court Violence and Crazy Making Maneuvers

By Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D. If I tell you that you are “crazy” and threaten to punish you because of what I have said, a part of you begins to question that maybe what I have alleged is true. Crazy-Making from the Outside In Then, if I tell someone in authority that you are “crazy” […]

How to Overcome Emotional Abuse 3 Steps to Success

By Shannon E Cook Emotional abuse is present in certain relationships and is very damaging to the victim.¬†Though there may be no bruises, being constantly ridiculed, put down, and made to feel incompetent or crazy causes a lot of long term damage.¬†It is difficult to shake off the aftereffects of this “programming” by the emotional […]

Domestic Violence and Child Custody Legal Psychiatric Ploys of Divorce Lawyers

By Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D. When divorce and domestic violence are before the court, the children can often serve as the vehicle for the perpetrator to save face and maintain control over the family. Sound familiar? If you are in family court with an abusive partner, or abusive ex-partner, and there are children involved, you […]

May Stalkers Beware!

By Regina Jacques Jane has been single for three years this week! Jane and her buff, built husband Bill went over to her friends Jona and Gabe’s house to break in their new hot tub. Bill did a lot of the talking that night. Jane asked her friend Jona a question maybe an hour into […]