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Men, Improve Your Marriage by Doing Simple Small Things

By Randall Dakota I am willing to bet EVERY man is guilty of not doing enough chores around the house, assuming you are in a relationship where the woman tends to do most of the cleaning, cooking, etc… Believe it or not, it’s details like chores that make women happy. It’s your way of taking […]

10 Ways to Add Romance to Your Relationship

By Susan Kushner When you think of your husband, wife or lover, what comes to mind? Do you smile that secret little smile as they fill your mind? (I am smiling as I write this) Or, do you sigh and say; "is that all there is?" Romance doesn’t have to mean sex. You might be […]

Relationship Glue Tip 9 Surviving Under the Sheets

By Ed Rigsbee If your romantic relationship is based solely on sex, it can be guaranteed that it will not survive the long-term. If your romantic relationship is sex-less, it also will not survive. There has to be a middle ground! How you perceive your partner has a lot to do with the amount of […]

Romantic Weekend Breaks

By B. Roy You come home from a demanding day at the office and take a look around your house; dirty laundry is piled to the ceiling, dishes are crowding the sink, toys are scattered in every possible nook and cranny of the house, the baby is crying again and you haven’t even begun to […]

Super Tips to Make Your Man Happy

By Makoo L. You want to make your man happy so you will boost his ego or just to make him feel good? There are a few tricks to use that can accomplish this if you play it right. Listed below are some super tips to make your man happy. When following these you do […]

How to Talk Dirty on the Telephone

By Denise Brienne Learning how to talk dirty on the telephone can be one of the hottest sexual encounters you will ever have. But how do you break the ice and let the person on the other end of the line know exactly what you want? You can tell them about your wildest fantasies once […]

Admire Him! Admiration is the Key to Keeping Your Man Happy at Home

By Jen A. Thomas If your man has strayed into the arms of another woman, you are no doubt devastated, but also wondering why. When a man enters into an affair, it is seldom, if ever, all about sex. If a man is happy at home, he is far less tempted by another woman who […]

How Love Pheromones Attract

By Antonio A. Have you ever wondered if your relationship has slipped and that sex has decreased over the course of your relationship? This is a common thing that most couples have to deal with. As boredom and the common rituals of daily life set it, there seems no time for a great intimate encounter […]

Love Pheromones Attract a Lover

By Antonio A. If you are ready to attract your partner better than your current situation, than love pheromones may be the answer for you. Love pheromones have been proven to increase the chances of sexual activity and the arousal of your partner or lover. These special scents that pheromones release, make the senses totally […]

Theyre Playing Our Song Why Every Couple Needs a Theme Song

By Lynda R. Williams The music begins. The handsome man in a tuxedo stands up from the elegant table and offers his hand. The woman takes his hand, gazing into his eyes. He murmurs, “They’re playing our song.” The couple glides gracefully onto the dance floor. Ah, the romance! I love a romantic image. It […]