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Friendship Pact

By Irene Roth Are there times that you’re not sure if your friends will continue to be your friends? Do you have an understanding between your friends when things get rough? Most of us don’t make pacts with our friends. We always think that everything will be okay and we don’t have to think of […]

Hidden Blessing

By Michael Joshua Mark was average by most standards. He stood in at five-foot-nine, though like most guys, he fudged a little and told people he was five-foot-ten, he had blond hair, green eyes and was mediocre at basketball. With his square jaw and noticeably perfect posture, he was an obvious presence when he entered […]

Friendship and Love

By CD Mohatta Both are so much related to each other. And both are so dissimilar! What are the differences between friendship and love? Is platonic friendship possible between persons of opposite sex? Let us try and understand. What is friendship? Why do we call a person our friend? When do we call someone a […]

How to Use People Search Information Sites

By Eleanor Candy Today, you have the opportunity to search the Internet for information concerning any one you want, you can use your favorite search engine, or you can use one of the People Search Information sites that are available. When you use your search engine you may be given a variety of information, or […]

How to Manifest a New Group of Supportive Friends When Those You Now Have Are Dragging You Down

By Chrisanthia Pierre How to manifest a new group of supportive friends when those around you seem to be pulling you into hell. Family and friends should strengthen us and give us inspiration for life. Our lives are happiest when we are surrounded by others who admire us, who inspire us and who want us […]

Binding Friendship Four Little Tips For Building Long lasting, Intimate Relationships

By Eric Coggins It seems that in this age of Hollywood and Bollywood, it is the grandiose things that draw our attention. We are often awestruck and mesmerized by the spectacular and enamored by the cult of the personality. We want to be friends with the beautiful people. However, few of those beautiful people want […]

Great Neighbors, Great Friends

By Sally Huss The Happy Musing for the Day: Neighbors are nice, but even nicer are neighbors who are friends. Neighbors? Where are they? Everywhere, but in many cases not a friend in sight! That’s the best – to have neighbors who are friends. People under 50 may not remember what it was like in […]

What Real Wealth Looks Like

By Sally Huss The Happy Musing for the Day: The accumulation of wealth looks like a gathering of friends. Better than a friend is a group of friends, the more the merrier. To gather friends is a great art. Dennis Wood is such an artist. Although Dennis has never met a stranger, he has also […]

Defining the Limits of Friendship

By Dan B. Scott The proverb, “There are always two sides to every coin.” refers to the fact that there is more than one way to look at everything? From this concept you can create one of the main presuppositions of life; behaviors are not good or bad, rather they’re useful or un-useful in the […]

The Role of Close Friends

By Francis K Githinji Close friends are really precious; they are hard to find. They play a very important role in our lives and having them has really made our lives better. However, not all people have close friends. In the modern world, people are keeping to themselves more and, the onset of modernization has […]