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Lesbian Dating Finding the Woman of Your Dreams

By Nenah Drewry Dating with success can be a challenge, regardless of your sexual orientation. Some people will groan that they’ve had to kiss a number of frogs before finding that prince, or in this case, princess. For the woman entering the same-sex relationship scene for the first time – whether having discovered early on […]

Lesbian Dating Tips For Online Dating

By L Simons Websites that only serve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered folk could be a safer option for you if you are not out yet ; it’s less sure that someone that doesn’t know your alignment will find you there by accident.  In addition, the amount of potential matches might be higher when the […]

Lesbian Bachelorettes Say Farewell to the Single Life

By Tom A. M. Traditionally a bachelorette party was designed as a way for friends of the bride-to-be to send their friend off on a final farewell from the single life. Similar to the bachelor party women have enjoyed one final hoorah before taking the leap into married life. However, as relationships in the United […]

Parental Custody Issues For Same Sex Couples

By Caleb Jonsun Breaking up is hard for everyone, but especially for same-sex couples. In a same-sex divorce the partners do not have the same support from families and friends that heterosexuals do. They are not welcome in the legal system of many states. This presents a complex issue when deciding the partners’ child custody […]

A Crash Course in Confronting Bias Behavior

By Maura Cullen “Did you hear the joke of the Jew and the lesbian?”… Sound familiar? When it comes to confronting biased or prejudicial jokes and behaviors, we don’t always know what to do. Perhaps we may feel we don’t have enough information to successfully intervene with diversity facts and figures in order to win […]

Lesbian Online Dating Sites

By Cleo Spicer Why use a dating site when looking for potential partners? If you are a lesbian and find it difficult to meet others, whether it is for dating or just friendship, then it can be very difficult. A lot of us live lives that are isolated from each other. This can be for […]

The Law of Attraction

By Tim Partha Something that I discovered early on, actually back in my first year of college, was that the feelings of attraction don’t know if you are in a relationship or not. Let me explain. During my first year of college my good friend Jackie got married to a guy that she had been […]

A Family Concern Children With Gay Parents

By Alberto Maeses In the United States alone, people of the lesbian sexuality have been openly accepted now. There are rights and legal law have been implied to keep their rights. There are yet jurisprudences that admit them to adopt a child. However, certain courts of law in the nation express their worries of lesbian […]

Colombia Gay Bars

By Nathaly Dedeyan Colombia is a country that sees as many as a half million visitors each year and when this is the place you decide, should be a vacation spot there are Columbia gay bars that will be found throughout the country. Most of these bars will be found in Bogota, along with bathhouses […]

China Gay Clubs

By Nathaly Dedeyan One of the most well-known and frequented areas in China for individuals to experience a relaxing and exciting nightlife where they are easily able to meet other gay members of the community would be Shanghai. When you’re away from home on an important business trip or vacation, its always nice to know […]