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How to Save Your Marriage 3 Reasons to Look at the Trees and Not the Forest

By Shevach Pepper If you are in a difficult marriage situation and are looking for a real quick way how to save your marriage and live happily ever after, then keep on looking. I can’t help you. Complex problems usually don’t get resolved with simple solutions. There is no miracle potion that will make all […]

How to Save a Failing Marriage? Here Are Some Vital Pointers on How to Save a Failing Marriage Fast

By James Apollo What if you wake up the next day and you find your marriage sinking? The ways you and your husband have dealt with marital concerns have changed to 360 degrees. You both have changed. You may find it odd that things are not working the same way that they used to. When […]

Understanding How to Save a Marriage When it is Collapsing Here is What You Need to Do!

By Juliette Christian Is your marriage headed for divorce? Are you feeling that there is nothing that you can do? In this article I have concrete things you can do and stop the process of divorce. Keep reading to learn how. The first thing is that you must keep communicating and that means you must […]

Saving Your Marriage When Your Husband Doesnt Love You Anymore Crucial Advice For Wives!

By Juliette Christian If you think your husband is falling out of love with you, you may be in trouble. When the honeymoon portion of their marriage has ended, many women are left wondering why the men they married don’t seem to love them as much anymore. Relationships can be rocky, and this is certainly […]

Why Are Some Guys Afraid of Marriage and What Can I Do to Make Him Marry Me? Follow This Right Away

By Russell Jackson It is without a doubt that when it comes to marriage, it is the woman who gets more excited. It’s because she has dreamt about this since she was 5 years old. Now men feel the opposite, but why do they feel this way? Why are men afraid of marriage? They are […]

Tips For Saving a Marriage (Men)

By Jared D. Ingram When it comes to marriage, men usually feel bound in some unseen ropes. They cannot do what they like, cannot hangout with friends at night, and cannot spend all their money on just one night in Las Vegas. Well, these are just a few things though. For a sweet relationship like […]

Marriage Relationship Advice If You Dont Want to Lose Your Partner Read This

By Christine Manzella Thousands of people across the country are questioning the future of their marriage right now. Divorce is pretty frequent; countless couples decide to end their marriage as a solution to their problems. Relationships are a complex matter, and marriage doesn’t get any easier. It is really sad to hear the story of […]

Why Marriages Fail Am I Doing the Right Thing?

By Chloe H Couples are heading towards divorce when they see problems in a marriage. Why do marriages fail? There are many reasons that can cause a marriage to fail. When both parties refuse to commit and make the relationship work, problems will appear. Most people imagine a successful and happy marriage is there when […]

Advice For Marriage Crucial Advice You Must Know For Keeping Your Happy Marriage Alive and Strong!

By Jason T. Nelson After years of being married, a lot of couples begin to seek advice for marriage. Usually, serious relationship problems come when couples have been together for a number of years. Some, even just after a few months! If you are planning to get married or you already are and you are […]

How Divorce Can Help Married People

By Gloria Waite Married people don’t want to…..LOOK ….at the possibility that they, too, can end up divorced. Would you be surprised that ‘divorce’ can actually help you have a great marriage? Knowing that even you could divorce is strong motivation to work on your relationship–to keep love alive–right from the beginning. Over and over, […]