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New Mexico Custody Agreements and Parenting Plans Points of Law to Consider

By Peter Worthington The New Mexico Annotated Statutes contain the laws of the state. Within these laws, Chapter 40 has the information about child custody matters. Parents involved in a custody situation should learn the guidelines in this chapter, especially the rules that pertain to custody agreements. The custody agreement is the most important thing […]

Divorced Men How to Get Back on Track After the Divorce

By Chris Tyler A divorce can be a trying time for many guys. Not only do you have to deal with all of the legal issues in terms of a divorce, you also have to deal with the fact that you are back on the market, a single man again. If you were married for […]

A Massachusetts Parenting Plan and Custody Agreement

By Peter Worthington Massachusetts parents involved in a child custody situation can work individually to make a parenting plan to present to the court or they can work with the other parent to create a shared parenting plan. The goal is for the parents to end up with a plan that can guide them through […]

Parenting Plans and Custody Agreements in Georgia

By Peter Worthington If you live in Georgia and have a child custody situation, you must submit a parenting plan (also called a custody agreement) to the court. Your parenting plan must include information about where the child will spend each day, exchange information, allocation of decision making authority, and anything else that will benefit […]

Arizona Parenting Plans and Custody Agreements

By Peter Worthington Arizona law requires that parents with a custody situation submit a parenting plan to the court. The parenting plan, also called a custody agreement, should include all of the necessary information about how parents will continue to care for and provide for their children after separating. It is important that parents take […]

Remarriage Preparation You Cant Make Me Like That Person!

By Alyssa Johnson Remarriage engagement? Congratulations! You’ve finally found someone you are willing to take a risk on and are engaged. It’s been a long time coming. You survived the divorce. You made a clean break with your ex-spouse and are now able to co-parent together. You risked putting yourself out there and began dating. […]

Remarriage and Ex Spouses Hold My Tongue and Be Civil Toward My Fiances Ex Spouse Are You Crazy?

By Alyssa Johnson Becoming engaged is an exciting time in one’s life. Dreams come alive about your future. Hopes for what life will be like spring forth. The realities of what marriage will be like, unfortunately are often overlooked. One of the realities you may have to deal with if this is a remarriage is […]

Temporary Child Custody Mothers Custody and Visitation Rights During This Time

By Abigail Vernon Temporary custody refers to a time when the parents have separated and are waiting for their situation to become permanent. This happens when a couple is waiting for a divorce to finalize, when a couple has separated to work out marital issues, etc. When figuring out a temporary custody agreement, it is […]

Are You Thinking About Getting Back Together After Divorce Even If it Has Been a Long Time Apart

By W. Scott Sometimes a divorce occurs even when two people are meant for each other. When that is the case, time passes and one or both of you are thinking about getting back together after divorce. Can that work even if you have been apart a long time? There have been countless stories, movies […]

Child Custody Rights in a Custody Dispute

By Abigail Vernon Bill and Annie are parents who decide they are getting divorced. As they are finalizing their divorce, they are also trying to come up with a child custody agreement that both of them like. They both begin the process with good intentions. They meet together and discuss the options of custody. The […]