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Why is Finding Someone to Love So Hard?

By Catherine Behan Or is it? Shelby reached across the table and grabbed her cigarettes. Another Saturday night alone with her Tivo, her cat and her Salems. All she could think about was how much it sucked being alone….again. “I am so tired of doing everything alone,” she muttered. The microwave chimed in announcing her […]

Free Relationship Advice You Get What You Pay For

By Russell Hamel Do We Really Need Free Relationship Advice? Jon and Kate – seems like everyone on the planet is following the drama, whether or not we watch it on TV. With so many opinions, I’m sure the infamous couple have received more than their fair share of free relationship advice. Was this relationship […]

Being in Love Shouldnt Mean Losing Your Mind

By Deborah Dillon Whether we admit it or not, most of us are voyeurs when it comes to other people’s relationships. We watch from a distance and shake our heads, wondering things like “what are they thinking” and “how can they do something so stupid”? How many times have you: seen someone you care about […]

Are Rebound Relationships Always a Bad Idea?

By W. Scott Many people say that rebound relationships are always a bad idea and are doomed to fail, possibly leaving you with heartbreak. I do not think that is true, many couples have met someone shortly after a breakup with someone else and have lived happily ever after. Certainly there is reason for caution […]

Sexual Chemistry Can it Be Created?

By Tracey Todd Sexual Chemistry – is it something that just happens? Can the chemistry be created if its not there? The quick answer is No, unfortunately if its not there to start with you cant just magically create it, if however there’s a small spark their are plenty of things you can do to […]

Do You Have Pre Marital Jitters?

By Janie Behr A wedding is a one-day event, but a marriage is a lifetime commitment; and, it affects everyone in your extended families. I firmly believe marriage is the most rewarding relationship and the most difficult relationship you will face in your life. Our education system has classes required for many things to prepare […]

Ten Ways You Know You Have Found The One

By Aaron M I’ve heard several people recently talking about finding “the one”. What is “the one” that they are referring to? I would say that people mean that it is the person who they feel confident about spending the rest of their life with. I think most people are searching for this kind of […]

Have Everything and Use Everything You Have

By Chandra Alexander My girlfriend Marsha is probably one of the most beautiful girls I know and yet, at thirty-five years old, she is still talking about not wanting to be liked for her looks. She has no problem being judged for her brains and hard work; those are fair game, but not her physical […]

Once You Know Youre Own Stuff, Its Only Stuff

By Chandra Alexander When T.S. Eliot spoke of ending up where you began and seeing that place as if for the first time, he was talking about the characteristics of stuff and the poignancy of the self-discovery process. It was his way of saying that this work is never finished, but something we revisit again, […]

How to Identify Mr Right

By Andriette C You are dating a wonderful man, but how can you know for sure that this is Mr Right? Are you tired of wasting your time? Want to know if he is good husband material? Will he commit to you? How can you spot unhealthy personality traits? Will he treat you right? How […]