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Sexual Tips Reading the Signs Your Woman Gives You

By Marc Thompson It is not all that difficult to please your female partner. The important thing is to learn what it takes to get her aroused. Once you are completely set, you can give any woman immense pleasure and look forward for more! But, you need to read the signs. Yes, it is absolutely […]

Getting Back in the Mood For Sex With Kids in the House

By David Beart Face it, since the kids have come along the spark and interest in your sex life has probably taken a nosedive. While before the two of you just couldn’t get enough of each other, now – you rarely see each other naked and have placed sex at the very bottom of a […]

How to Give Women Multiple Orgasms Without Intercourse (This Will Completely Blow Her Mind!)

By Craig Foster The vast majority of men are clueless when it comes to giving women orgasms. Many continue to think that one should bring women to a sexual climax through intercourse only. Nothing is further from the truth! Did you know that it is FAR easier to make a woman orgasm without intercourse? That […]

How to Be Seductive Around a Man and Lure Him? Ultra Effective Secrets You Dont Want to Miss at All

By Russell Jackson Seduction is the art of enticing a man with the use of your sex appeal. There are so many reasons why women would like to seduce a man-it could be physical or sexual attraction, or it can be true love. If you’re wondering how to seduce your way to your man’s heart, […]

How to Achieve Female Orgasm 4 Tips For Guys to Give Women Earth Shattering Orgasms (Easy!)

By Craig Foster A woman will come to an orgasm only when you have done your part well. They cannot have orgasms out of nowhere. Either you have to give them the proper stimulation or they have to do it themselves. If you are able to practice the following tips with her, you will not […]

Ways to Get a Guy Hard! Here Are Some Super Easy Ways You Can Use to Get a Guy Hard Real Fast

By Russell Jackson Sometimes sexual stimulation can be done by simply playing mind games. If you want to be the sultry seductress and get a man all charged up then read on to find out your way. Give him a visual treat To begin with you know you have to look great. Looking good isn’t […]

How to Supercharge Your Sexual Performance and Last Long Enough to Make Your Partner Orgasm!

By Carl H. Jones As a man, you may be aware that there are countless things that can negatively affect your sex life. But if you are one of those unfortunate few who have an issue with premature ejaculation, you know that it is the worst feeling in the world and is most definitely has […]

Great Fellatio Experience A Give and Take Affair

By Michael Harradine Your sexual relationship should not always have to be anchored on the thrust and pumps of sexual intercourse. There is more to it than just straight penetration. The more you discover and explore the different dimensions of the male and female sexuality, the more satisfaction you will get from the sexual encounter. […]

Insanely Powerful Sex Techniques These Easy Bedroom Tricks Will Make Her Sexually Addicted to You!

By Derek Rake Girls fake orgasms, and this shouldn’t surprise you. The question is: why? Some women actually care about their men and don’t want to hurt their feelings. They fake it because they want to save their men from the awful fact that they are lousy bedroom partners. These guys under-perform in the bedroom […]

Sexually Attract Women What You NEED to Spark Animal Attraction With a Woman

By Chris Tyler If you have ever wondered what that one thing that was missing when you ended up just being friendly with a woman and nothing more sexual, then you can be sure that somewhere along the way, you did not make her feel the sexual attraction that she NEEDED to feel when she […]