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Ways to Attract Single Women

By Chris Tyler When you are a single man, one of the most important aspects of your life is your success with women. After all, what’s a better way to end a hard day at work than to go out with a beautiful woman on your arms? Yet, for many guys, this seems as if […]

How to Chat Freely With Any Guy Anywhere

By Tina L. Jones Do you have the gift of gab? Once you see a man you really like, can you freely walk up to him and chat with him without getting nervous? How do you approach that man you really like? Anyone who can walk right up to someone they don’t know, but are […]

Learn How to Be at Ease When Talking to Men

By Tina L. Jones Do you feel very uneasy and awkward when talking to men? Do nerves get the best of you every time you get in a conversation with a new guy? Do you get flustered when trying to fill moments of silence? Talking with a new acquaintance of the opposite sex is frequently […]

How to Flirt With Women Effortlessly 3 Flirting Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Success With Women

By Chris Tyler For most men, the words flirting and effortlessly do not go together in the same sentence. Most guys feel as though they don’t know what to do and say when they are flirting with a woman. You have to be able to flirt with a woman successfully, IF you want to be […]

Single And Relishing It

By Robert C S Hollywood movies, Hallmark cards, nosy parents – they are in a conspiracy to make us miserable for being single. Without such reminders, we wouldn’t have complexes about not having a significant other. To be sure, it is a pleasant thought for a single guy to have what is known as a […]

5 Reasons Why Jerks Always Gets the Girls Do These and You Will Get Girls, Too!

By Rahul Talwar Are you aware that by being a jerk you can get any woman you please as compared to being a nice guy? Not only that, you can also have girls constantly thinking about you and you will even have the privilege of dating any girls you want. Sounds really cool, right? Well, […]

Romantic Pick Up Lines Will They Get You the Girl?

By Caitlin Orser So you want to use some romantic pick up lines to get the girl of your dreams? I suggest you think carefully before using them since they only work in certain situations. Other times most of the pick up lines, no matter how romantic they are, just sound plain stupid and make […]

How to Be Attractive to the Girls Although You Are Not Handsome

By Glenn Gibbonet There are certain attributes that you need to have if you want to be attractive to the girls. Of course, they may not work for everybody since each of the girls is different. However, you can win their hearts in general if you have these qualities. Attractiveness does not come with only […]

How to Get Any Girl to Like You 3 Super Hot Tips to Get Any Girl!

By Toms Aldersons Trying to get a girl to like you is not as hard as it sounds for most of us when you know what to do, just don’t take it as competition with yourself all the time, it’s not a secret that women love sensual but in the same time also strong guys. […]

Should She Be Picking Up Her Guy at a Bar?

By Mike Sandy Being single isn’t always an easy place in life to be. You always have to scramble around looking for a date when you get invited to a wedding. You need to fend off questions from family members who ask “When are you getting married honey? You’re not getting any younger you know.” […]