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Why Do I Need a Wedding Day Coordinator?

By Ciara Daykin As a bride who’s planned her own wedding you’ve spent a lot of time on all the details. But on the wedding day who is going to make sure all of those details come to life? The answer is a wedding day coordinator. Here are 3 reasons to hire a wedding day […]

Creative Couples Give Weddings a Tech Savvy Facelift

By John R Steele Summer is around the corner and love is in the air. And like everything else people care about, love is on the internet. With dating sites, social networks and picture sharing, you can meet that special someone without ever leaving the house. But for those already in love and ready to […]

Unique, Personalized Wedding Favors

By Mona Sutherland Planning one’s wedding is a carefully orchestrated symphony which can, at times, best be described as organized chaos. Timing, details, coordination, so many tiny little parts that all need to work together so extraordinarily well. A butterfly being prematurely released can have drastic effects. Whether your wedding will be small or large. […]

Proper Save the Date Magnet Uses

By James Loram One of the best ways to let your special people know of a special upcoming event is by using save the date magnets. For those of you who have no clue what I am getting at, these magnets are shipped in lieu of the traditional save the date card, which is usually […]

7 Top Qualities of a Great Wedding Planner

By Maryrose Malinao Have you tried setting up a business that interests you most and you feel like you really enjoy doing it aside from the fact that you are making more profits out of it? Do you have the guts and talents in organizing events and the genuine interest in people and places? Why […]

Wedding Planning 7 Steps to Help You Plan Your Wedding

By Lee Murphy Overwhelmed? Do Step by Step Wedding Planning! Feeling overwhelmed by all the notes you have to make, the suppliers you have to talk to, the appointments you need to show up for, and all the budgeting you will need to do? Slow down, breathe, and do step by step wedding planning. Admittedly, […]

How to Choose a Dress For the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom

By Nadi Baruch A wedding is one of the most enjoyable social occasions. Most people like to make it a real day to remember and put a lot of effort into its preparation and organization. Because weddings are such a part of our society, tradition over the years has done much to dictate how we […]

Ideas For Wedding Favors

By Arijit Roul Looking at the different ideas for wedding shower favors one might consider the options that have been put forward by the market. Each event will have different factors that go into buying the appropriate gift. The attitude of the people who are working on the event might improve the impact of the […]

2010 Summer Wedding Gowns Add a Sense of Elegance to Your Look

By Connie Mohatta Most girls love to hold their weddings in summer. Sunny climate is exciting. Blooming flowers are truly romantic. You will be the focus on the wedding. So is your dress. In 2010 summer, most brides-to-be find designer wedding gowns are ideal choices. A considerable number of distinguished designers have been specialized in […]

A Summary of Hindu Wedding Rituals

By Kimberly Gray Taking place over the course of several days, Hindu weddings are steeped in detailed rituals and religious customs. Weddings not only bring two individuals together, but they also strengthen ties between the two families, and are a very significant part of Hindu life. While wedding rituals and rites vary to an extent […]