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How to Be More Confident in Yourself

By Drifa Ulfarsdottir Self confidence is extremely important to living a happy and balanced life. Lack of self confidence can interfere in your best efforts to excel and achieve in your lifetime. When you do not have enough self confidence you will hesitate to voice your opinion, stand up for yourself or take a stand. […]

Secrets to Realizing Your Resolutions and Actualizing Your Visions in Life

By Stephen Kavita Many people have a problem when it comes to realizing their dreams and visions. Especially now that the New Year is starting, people are making New Year resolutions or trying to accomplish the resolutions that they did not realize last year. There are several things that you need to do to make […]

Achievement What You Think About Becomes Your Reality Good Or Bad

By Joshua Black This article is for the person looking for a high level of achievement towards a particular goal. You can have anything you want in life if you are willing to develop the tools necessary to get it. Anything that occupies our thoughts for the majority of the time ends up becoming our […]

Dream Big You Have the Power to Make the Impossible Possible

By Ron Holden Some dreams haunt us our entire lives. Everyone dreams and aspires to reach the unattainable; to win the most coveted prize; to make pots of money; to travel round the globe and so on. Many of these dreams remain with us forever. But the tragedy is that however much the dreams may […]

Staying Focused Even in a Sea of Distractions! Develop an Action Plan

By Sheronde Glover But I have so little time and so many distractions . . . I don’t see how an action plan could possibly help! Oh, but that’s just not so! Not by a long shot! Don’t let the fact that you’re busy and have limited time stop you from developing your action plan. […]

7 Proven Ways to Achieve Your Goals

By Frederick Quaye Have you ever noticed that no one will ever tell you they do not want to make more money, and most would even confide that they would love to be rich. Why then does it seem so few people ever attain this goal? One thing is certain beyond any shadow of doubt, […]

Internet Success Stories

By Jayme Kennerknecht This internet success story is my start to finish life of becoming an internet marketer. There are some good points and some bad points that I will let you know. In between I will even throw in a mistake or two that I have made. I am much wiser now and more […]

Life Success Lessons That You Must Learn

By Reuben Ochieng The world today needs people who can ‘think outside the box’. I have recently discovered that there is always an opportunity for everyone to write history once in a lifetime. You only become influential and successful only when you discover your opportune time to write history and work on it. Even the […]

Do You Have Game?

By Tommy Yan When I began making my first presentations I felt all yucky inside. Many of you who have made presentations can identify with the nervousness, shortness of breath and a raging heartbeat that felt like it would protrude through your chest. I replayed in my mind all kinds of things that could go […]

Why Danica Patrick is So Successful

By Ellen Stevens While there’s no doubt Danica Patrick works hard at what she does, and deserves every bit of the success that comes her way, there’s a sense that she has something extra, and that’s why she’s going to be a force in whatever she puts her mind to in the future. Auto racing […]