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Can Internet Filters Help If You Are a Porn Addict?

By Jay Van The quick answer: Yes and No. While they can help to reduce or block certain sites from being accessed, it merely covers the symptoms of your addictive habit. There are filters to block “shopping sites” if you have compulsive shopping and spending problem; there are filters to block out gambling sites if […]

12 Steps Towards Recovery at a Christian Drug Rehab

By Matt Brindisi At the root of all modern day problems are the materialistic pursuits that make us selfish and increasingly self centric. However, these problems can be easily tackled through spiritual methods. This has been proven by the Christian drug rehab centers that are doing a commendable job in treating drug addicts of all […]

Addicted to the Internet? Better Not Be in China

By Lance Winslow Most people don’t realize it, but a good number of individuals in our society are addicted to the Internet. Amongst these individuals are probably bloggers, online video gamers, and individuals who enjoy the Internet a little bit more than their TV. At one time, the average citizen spent five hours watching TV […]

What Does Christian Drug Treatment Entail?

By Matt Brindisi There are some people who have a very pessimistic view towards addiction and believe that recovery is an impossible task – however, Christian methods of rehabilitation have been proven to have a good track record in allowing people to restart their lives by withdrawing drugs and alcohol from their bodies and by […]

TABC Certification

By Zeeshan Rahim “Alcohol is necessary for a man so that he can have a good opinion of himself, undisturbed be the facts” ~Finley Dunne A few chilling facts: American youth who drink alcohol before 15 years of age are 4 times more likely to become alcoholics than those who do not drink before age […]

Quit Marijuana Addiction Tips That Work

By Bryce S Briggs If you’d like to learn how to quit smoking marijuana, then read this article. Giving up marijuana forever can benefit you in a number of ways. You will feel better about yourself, have more freedom, gain more confidence, and have more time to do the things that you actually need to […]

Addiction and Recovery Drinking Or Using Dreams as a Normal Part of Recovery

By Peggy Ferguson When you have a drinking or using dream, you may wake up not really knowing if it actually happened.  Many people in early recovery find it disturbing and frightening when they experience a “using” dream. Drinking and using dreams are those dreams where the central theme or experience is about drinking or […]

Effects of Quitting Television

By Wisedth Sar When I was a young boy, I remembered having a huge wooden television. This monster had a big old dial that you have to turn in order to change the channel. Technology changed fast. It was just a few years later and Cable television became the luxury standard replacing antennas. PBS was […]

Why Dentists Are at High Risk of Addiction

By Karen Vertigan Pope There are several factors associated with the practice of dentistry that can lead to substance abuse. Dentists: Are most often in a single-practice setting Feel isolated in their practice Are usually the owners of the practice Have very little supervision from colleagues Have perceived demands by patients for perfection, empathy and […]

Michael Jackson A Tragic Lesson

By Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis Addiction! It is possibly one of the ugliest words in our language. It calls forth many images; despair, hopelessness, dysfunctional drug addicts cloaked in the darkness of despair on the streets, disheveled and ravaged by the effects of drugs. Certainly not the image that comes to mind when we think of our own […]