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Affirmations Article II

By TB Wright There are two types of affirmations. Each type has two parts that make up the whole of it. Without acting upon this truth, our affirmation work becomes something other than effective. Let’s look at this. Affirmations are effective when they are repeated. Customarily, that repeating would look like us, finding a favorite […]

The Real Power Behind Affirmations

By Robert E Darby Turning Our Powers Against Ourselves There are probably many reasons why self awareness and self realization are not high on our list of priorities. But one of the big reasons is about our need to deceive ourselves. Unfortunately we have been deceiving ourselves for so long, that it has become a […]

Affirmation Secrets How to Hold to Your Affirmations and Keep on Living in the Now

By Joan Pasay Lots of people really become very committed to their affirmations. They speak the affirmations in the morning when they awake. They speak the affirmations at night before they fall asleep. You can hear them speaking the affirmations at every moment – in the shower, while they cook and when they are walking […]

How Daily Affirmations Reprogram the Unconscious Mind For Success

By Elizabeth Rayani People are often incredulous about the idea that daily affirmations can do anything for them. Repeating a phrase to yourself every day seems stupid, silly, and embarrassing. For heaven’s sake, we’re intelligent human beings! If you already know that you want to be successful, wealthy, and happy, why do you need to […]

Act As If You Are Your Healthiest Self

By Paul Radkowski A powerful way to achieve greater health and recovery is to… “Act As If” you are already fully healthy and recovered. “Act As If” … you are already at the ideal weight and physical health you want to be.  “Act As If” you already have the healthy self esteem & relationships you […]

Can Affirmations Really Help You?

By Bryan Appleton If you are unfamiliar with what an affirmation is,  it is simply a positive statement that you can use through repetition to change a limiting belief that you may carry about yourself or how the world is,  and create a new and more empowering one that will help you to achieve your […]

Attracting Love Yes! Yes! Yes!

By Catherine Behan Aren’t you immediately curious about what in the world those yeses are all about? Amazing how powerful that little word is. Especially when you say it to yourself. What? How many times do you decline inner nudges to act in ways that would SURELY RAISE YOUR VIBRATION to a more blissful state? […]

Life Affirming Work

By Bria S I just returned from a talk and open forum with some wonderful and smart women in Texas who are spouses to members of the Young Presidents Organization. I enjoy these kinds of talks not only because I get to spread my message of balance and self-empowerment to women – I also get […]

Affirmations Getting Them Working For You

By Adil Amarsi “The Secret” told you about affirmations and also showed you how to use them, now lets explore how to EFFECTIVELY use them. Before we begin let me begin by informing you about what an affirmation is, some people are unsure so I wanted to clear this up. An affirmation is a statement […]