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Control Your Anger and Boost Your Immune System

By Angela Smythe Typically people think of their anger as something that gets them into trouble because they say things without thinking or say things they never should have said at all. What most people do not realize or think about is that uncontrolled anger manifests into things other than just situations where you stick […]

Anger Management The 90 Second Rule

By Larry Barkan Today’s issue of best relaxation techniques deals with anger management. And here’s today’s technique for managing your anger: Count to 90. The old saying is that you should count to 10, but it’s actually 90. In 90 seconds your anger will be gone unless you choose to command yourself to stay angry. […]

Avoid This Anger Management Self Help Mistake and Start Down the Path to Healing Today

By BK Carter Have you been trying to help yourself with your anger, but you seem to be getting nowhere? The good news is, you have realized that you need anger management self help, but the bad news is, you must be missing one of the pieces of the puzzle. Keep reading this article and […]

Anger Control Methods to Steel Your Life Back From Anger and Rage

By BK Carter Picture what your life would be like if you were able see the warning signs of your rage outbursts and knew how to control them for yourself. You are not alone, with the many stresses that society puts on us today, learning anger control methods that we can apply in our everyday […]

This is My Anger Management Movie Now When Did YOU Last Get Angry?

By Steve Nash Do you remember that movie called Anger Management starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler? Adam played the passive aggressive bullied-by-his-boss type and Jack played the anger management guru who ran anger management classes and whose job in the film it seems was to try and get Adam angry! And boy did Jack […]

Is Anger a Way of Life For You? Or Someone You Know?

By Jan Tincher Anger. Is it in your life daily? Does someone just have to look at you differently, and you get angry? If someone cuts in front of you when you’ve been standing in line *forever,* do you get angry? If a delivery is late, do you get angry? If someone doesn’t live up […]

Do You Need Anger Management Help?

By Amy Twain Other people yell, scream or shout. Some confront, some even throw or break things. While others just cry, whimpering in tearful silence. It is natural for us to get angry- who doesn’t anyway? We need to express it one way or another and it’s a healthy dose of release. But what if […]

Repressed Anger in a Relationship

By Amy Twain In a relationship, anger can have destructive effects. A relationship expert especially a marriage counselor must look for effective techniques to deal with anger to help married couples to build and strengthen a caring, fulfilling and enduring relationship. Rage can have negative repercussions whether it is repressed anger or expressed. In repressed […]

How to Control Your Anger Some Tips

By Trevor Johnson Everybody gets angry, let’s face it. Yet when it comes to living with our family, friends, or simply in society, acting out inappropriately on your anger is never acceptable. While you do have a right to be angry, you have to control your anger before you can express it to others without […]

The Fire Down Below Dealing With Our Anger

By Peter Vajda, Ph.D “Anger is that powerful internal force that blows out the light of reason.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Anger is a powerful energy. Being afraid of this energy, we often attempt to deny or hide it. When we cannot contain the energy of anger, we act it out on other people or […]