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Knowing Only the Law of Attraction is Not Enough You Also Need to Use the Law of Thinking

By Nikola Iliev The Law of Attraction is an important one, but it is not the only law of the Universe. The laws of the Universe, as exposed in the 1941 classic by Raymond Holliwell “Working with the Law,” are 11 and the first one of them is the Law of Thinking. “The Secret” told […]

Law of Attraction How LOA Can Help You Keep Your New Years Resolution

By Debra Rubin Years ago, I lived near the beach. When I walked the dog, who loved to take a swim in the fresh, cold water at winter time, I was almost always alone. Except for a short period of time, just after New Year’s Eve. Every year the first of January, joggers showed up […]

How to Set Your Intentions

By Nivin Thanabalan One of the greatest feelings in life is being able to manifest a desired outcome. Whether it is a successful career, a loving relationship or financial abundance, the feeling of manifesting your desired reality is amazing. The truth is that these manifestations were created from a single intention. A single request to […]

Law of Attraction Secrets How to Go Beyond Positive Thinking

By Bryan Appleton When it comes to the law of attraction and how to use the law of attraction to manifest your desires, there are a lot of false beliefs or misconceptions that tend to circulate about. One such notion is that the law of attraction is simply positive thinking. While thinking positive is necessary […]

Law of Attraction The Myth and the Reality

By Bryan Appleton The Law of Attraction is a funny thing. It can be one of the most powerful allies in your quest to better yourself and your life, or it can bring you down quicker than a two ton rock. The thing is, most people that fail to see any results from using the […]

Martial Arts and the Law of Attraction Jean Claude Vandam Vs the Secret!

By Blaine Feyen Recently, a movie called The Secret came out and seemed to take the world by storm with a fairly simple message: we are attracting to us, moment to moment, people, places, resources, and experiences, based on our subconscious thoughts. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in this Universal Law or not, just […]

How Riches Come to You

By CW Teo If you wish to know how riches come to you, you have to give men more in use value than what you take from them in cash value. In this way, you add to the wealth of the world, and this is how riches come to you. If you have employed people […]

The First Principle in the Science of Getting Rich

By CW Teo The Formless Substance is the One from everything becomes and into which everything dissolves. It is thought alone that can give tangible shape to the formless. Think of the form of riches and behold – it is there before your gross senses to see, touch and enjoy. Thoughts are the moving force […]

Does the Secret Really Work?

By Janet Grace Ortigas The Secret is the Law of Attraction that teaches the principle of attracting into your life whatever it is that you want by virtue of the images you hold in your mind. Everybody is talking about it and many are scrambling for more information but why is it not working for […]

How to Attract Luck to Be on Your Side

By Amy Twain Do you know someone who always attract luck? They don’t take any effort at all but they are popular and successful without even trying while others have done all the efforts on the best that they could do and went through difficulties just to get what they really want in life but […]