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The Importance of Using Acknowledgment in Coaching

By Natalie Ekberg The coaching process is all about supporting clients on their journey towards their goals. The support in the form of positive acknowledgment is one of the most important and effective tools that any coach can use. When clients decide to start a coaching process, it usually means that they have many questions […]

4 Compelling Methods to Sell More Coaching Programs

By Sean R Mize Are you having a hard time selling your coaching programs? Then, your misery ends right here. The following methods will help you boost your sales in no time: 1. Seek endorsements. Identify those people who are considered authorities in your chosen niche. Get them to try your coaching programs for free […]

Excavating Talents by Removing Barriers Something For Those With ADD to Think About

By Jeff Copper If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard countless people use the phrase, “Every individual has a unique set of gifts, talents, or abilities at which they excel.” And, in my experience, this is definitely true. However, you’d be surprised to learn how many people can’t articulate with specificity their own unique set […]

Coaching Business 3 Ways to Ensure Your Clients Benefit From Your Information

By Irene Houston Coaching Businesses are all about coaches helping their clients to become more aware of their problems, which in turn will help them realize their dreams and goals. Whilst many coaches find clients are totally focused during their one-to-one sessions, it’s often the case that they lose this degree of focus in the […]

Coaching Business Why Coaching is Now More Popular Than Ever

By Irene Houston Coaching Business sounds as if it is all to do with coaching, doesn’t it? But in reality it has a lot to do with presenting people with choices and making them accountable for their actions. Coaching, in general, is becoming more popular as famous golfers and professional footballers have helped raise the […]

What Business Coaching Can Do For You

By Christopher Hogg Success coaching or life coaching as it is known in some circles is a proven method of coaching to empower and encourage an individual. It is normally done either via a telephone or in person. It can be done in a group basis or one-on-one. Some people find it more beneficial and […]

4 Life Skills That Are Taught by Life Coaches

By Cynthia Hanevy See the Big Picture A life coach will listen closely to you and ask you focused questions that are designed to draw out the solutions that you have within yourself. A life coach doesn’t solve your problems for you, but helps you to step outside of your current way of thinking and […]

What to Do With MY Life? What Do I Want to Do Next?

By Anais Bouchard From the time you were quite young the adults around you would ask you what you wanted to do with your life. This is an overwhelming question for young people who are not even sure what they will do next week let alone for their entire life. Yet, because that question is […]

How to Apply the Sensory Acuity in Your Coaching

By Natalie Ekberg Being emphatic is very important for a coach but to put you in a position of excellence, applying the sensory acuity is a must. What exactly is Sensory Acuity? Simply put, it is your ability to employ all your senses and absorb as much as possible about the person you are with. […]

The De Fences We Build

By Barbara Shanahan One of the items on my summer to-do list is a new fence. I need a fence in order for my dog Jake to have a safe place to run and play. My fence needs to be high enough so my daughter’s dog Bella cannot jump over it (like she can the […]