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Some Effective Creativity Tips to Make Yourself Happy

By Amy Twain Think about those times when you have been at your more most creative. Those times when the hours seemed to have passed in just a blink of an eye, when you have been entirely lost in your own world of creativity, intensely focused and free-flowing. Ahh…yes, happy times, right? In a way, […]

Creativity As a Pathway to Greater Well Being

By Lynda Monk “When we give our creative being its proper place in our lives, we have a sense of meaningfulness. The moment we touch upon this wellspring of life a change takes place in our personality. That is the moment of breakthrough.” P.V.I. Khan Is there some area of your life where you crave […]

Creativity Activities to Stimulate Working With Others

By Amy Twain Several brainstorming books and hypnosis CDs for creativity activities are available these days. But then, there are other ways to seek inspiration while working with other people without using all these. Here we have some ways of working with others. The more classic solution is trying to set up and building a […]

Having Faith in the Creative Process

By Emily Hanlon Gestation and birth are perfect symbols for the creative process, whether it be the birth of a child, an animal, the emergence of a butterfly from the chrysalis or the flower from the seed buried under winter’s frozen earth. Birth is a continual marvel; it warms the heart, brings out the fierce […]

What Are the Best Self Care Techniques For Creative Artists?

By Dan Goodwin Whatever your preferred ways of creating, all creative artists need certain elements in our lives to be able to create most freely, and to explore our full potential. Learning how to take care of yourself and your creativity is a crucial part of this. If you had a car that you never […]

Creative Intelligence Four Ways to Think Outside of the Box

By Tony Cuckson As a storyteller interested in the creative process I was interested in an article I read on the web about the idea of becoming linear thinker rather than a circular thinker.┬áThe writer was inviting us out of a habit of circular thinking into a more forward-looking way of living life. In today’s […]

Let Us Change the World Through the Change of Ourselves

By Teresa Maria Zalewska Let us change the world through the change of ourselves Sufi Bayazid tells about himself: When I was young, I was revolutionist and my prayer was like this: “O Lord, give me a power to change the world”. As I have become adult and I enlightened myself that a half of […]