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A Setback is a Setup For a Comeback

By Paul Vann If you were to take a poll of the people you consider to be famous and or successful, you will discover all of them overcame tremendous struggles in life. Why? Some people dream big, take risk and fail the majority of the time. Success is an offspring of failure and the only […]

Selling Can Be a Learned Skill But Effective Selling Comes From the Heart

By Gordon Folka There are traditional sales skills and there are good sales skills. Selling has been taught as a learned skill. All you have to do is follow the ancient tradition of “feel-felt-found”. This is one of the most famous skills taught to new salespersons world wide. All you have to say to your […]

Raghava KK and My Observations on Ego

By Johnson Kee Was just thinking about what else I could write about today. I was doing an assignment last night til 3:30 am in the morning, so I didn’t do my daily 400-500 words. I had a realisation that just felt right during university. If you’ve been reading my posts/articles for the last few […]

Free Yourself From Mental and Physical Clutter

By Omar Hasan Escape the mental and physical clutter and just free yourself. Why do we trap ourselves in destructive thoughts and materialism. We’re scared to free our minds with stillness. We have to be busy, worry over things that aren’t important. Busy doing nothing at all. But trying to be seen and appreciated by […]

He is Only the Boss

By Sha-Ron Lai Many people forget that the boss is also human like all of us. He or she needs to eat, drink, breathe to live. The boss is a figure who supposedly commands a lot of respect and whom the employees all look up to. It is not easy to command respect and yes […]

Clearing Out and Letting Go

By Terry Card Like a lot of people I have tended to hold onto stuff. (I’ve just realised that I use the word stuff quite a lot. I’ll have to think of another word to use instead) Anyway, all this stuff that we acumulate whether it be clothes or books or CD’s or whatever you […]

The Roads Have Changed

By Linda Ingleson I was driving home from London to Harrogate yesterday and chose to go through Leeds on my way back. I have driven this route for 20+ years and it is an easy road through Leeds City because it was late in the evening and the traffic was light. When I approached Leeds, […]

Projections of the Past

By David Lowell As yet another milestone nears the mind projects forward possible scenarios with a phantasmagoric range of outcomes. All of these projections are based upon the past. I find myself spending alarming amounts of time, clearing my reflections of a past filled with mistakes. Having stepped in so many of the spiritual cow […]

Invest in Your Self, the Payoff is Huge!

By Aimee Yawnick When I first started my journey to clean up my life and build and strengthen my relationship with myself, I started by investing in resources that would deepen my learning. I bought lots of books about self-healing and personal growth & development. Some books I read more than once to be sure […]

Take a Second to Become the Best

By Mike Shippey The idea of being the best at something will no doubt stir all of us in some way. Try this little exercise – think about the concept of being the best for a moment – what feelings comes over you or what pictures pop into your head? I imagine when most people […]