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Setting Goals For Self Development

By Stephen Zaba A major part of our personal growth is how we approach our own self development and much more importantly, setting goals for self development. It has been said that your income will only grow as much as your own personal development. Because of the overwhelming evidence in support of this, there is […]

How Goal Setting Builds Confidence

By Stephen Zaba Anything in life that has a deadline attached to it breeds a sense of urgency. Whether it is a mundane task you have to complete at work or something that gives you great pleasure and means a lot to you, it is a task that you know has to be completed and […]

Your Life Whose Plan is It?

By Jim Gerlits I have a vacation coming up in two months, this year we plan to go to Manhattan for one week. We are so excited we have been wanting to go there for years. There is so much to do before we go. Where are we going to stay what are we going […]

Curing a Childs Boredom May Not Be Good For Their Motivational Goal Setting Skills

By Gerry Neale It is common for children today to be bored, despite all the things they have available to them. They can also display an odd kind of general boredom by focusing obsessively on just one particular computer game, for example, because they are “bored” with everything else and this passes the time. Any […]

How to Achieve Your Goals

By Helen Reimer Setting goals is an easy task, but sticking with them and reaching them is another story. As a matter of fact most people only achieve a fraction of their goals. Why is this? The answer is quite simple; people set their goals, but they fail to implement a strategy that will help […]

New Years Resolution Falling Apart Already?

By Maren Cruickshank All change begins as a change in consciousness; a change in mindset. When you are serious about making this shift it is important to guard and protect your new level of thinking in its baby stage. In this baby stage, a new mindset is like a thin layer enveloping your mind, and […]

Why I Resolve Not to Make a New Years Resolution

By Kevin Liebl After a week of listening to people share their New Year’s Resolutions, I am convinced I made the right decision to resolve not to make a New Year’s Resolution. Don’t get me wrong. I am a big supporter of making positive changes. The problem I have is breaking resolutions. The first issue […]

The Joy of Throwing Out Goals Thoughts From a Life Coach

By Leanna Fredrich “You want to set a goal that is big enough that in the process of achieving it you become someone worth becoming.” Jim Rohn “Create your future from your future not your past.” Werner Erhard “Simplicity! Simplicity! Simplicity! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred […]

Setting Goals and Objectives 3 Awesome Tips to Set Goals and Objectives the Right Way

By Michael Lee Why is setting goals and objectives so important? Why do individuals and companies alike take it so seriously? The truth is, much of whether you’ll succeed or fail in life depends on how well you set your goals. Goals give you a sense of direction as well as a sense of purpose. […]

Mind Storming to Your Success

By Kerry Sullivan I Have you ever been passionate about a great idea or goal only to find yourself stuck because you can’t figure out how to practically make it a reality? Well, it’s often very easy to think of an idea, but very hard to make it happen. Ideas are cheap. Making them a […]