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Depression and Purpose

By David Samuel Depression, which is partly anger at ourselves, is self-destructive and drains our energy to the point that it is sometimes difficult to function even minimally. Depression is an illness of will, which becomes diseased, making a person incapable of persevering in many pursuits. People always tell a depressed person to get control […]

Happiness and Support 5 Secrets to Have Both in Your Life

By Ali Bierman People need others in their lives for many reasons. These secrets reveal how to accomplish getting support and living in happiness. Humans are social creatures. Sure, we can survive as individuals. However we do better in groups where we know we have support. Actually we need more than just emotional support. These […]

Source of Happiness

By Ali Bierman What is the source of happiness? What do you think? Does it come from your partner telling you how much you are loved? Does it come from the complements your boss delivers to you? When you want to live in happiness where do you search to uncover the source? Does it spring […]

How to Be Happy

By Courtney Keith Figuring out how to be happy with your job, your relatives, your kids, your boss, your spouse, and even yourself is something that a lot of people are always working towards. It is easy to think that authentic happiness will come once you are living the life of your dreams. The thinking […]

Five Things to Consider For a Happier Life

By Deborah Hancock 1.) You are really and truly the only – yes, only -darn person you can control. There’s no question that you can affect others, you can, and you should. But change them? Nope, not in this lifetime, not on this spiritual plane. That doesn’t mean that we all can sit by and […]

Reaching Out to Find Your Personal Happiness

By Gary Gzik Are you aware of what makes you happy? I mean, not the things in life that create moments of content, or five minute grins, but rather, the kind of personal happiness that gives you an inner calmness? I’m talking about the kind of happiness that shows not just a slight grin, but […]

Happiness is Knowing Life is Perfect

By Ali Bierman Many people think that happiness only happens when their lives are in order or after certain goals become reality. The secret to happiness is knowing that life is in order every moment.  What? When everything seems to be out of whack why would anyone say life is always in order?  Did you […]

Happiness and Manifesting

By Ali Bierman Most people think happiness is a goal. They strive to be happier. The thing is, happiness is not something you train yourself to do. No routines make you happy. No books or seminars make you happy. No friends or family members can make you happy either. In fact, nothing outside of you can […]

Happiness is Valuing Who You Are Right Now

By Ali Bierman How do you feel about being you? Do you look at others and wish your life looked more like theirs? Does everyone seem to enjoy life more than you do?  Why does the grass always look greener in the neighbor’s yard? Is it really? Have you walked in their yard? Have you noticed […]

Are You Shoulding All Over Yourself?

By Chrissy Atley It’s interesting to see how much we do because we think we “should” be doing it. This has come up a lot lately especially with running my own business. People say being in business for yourself is the best personal development course you can ever take. It’s so true because it forces […]