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The Secret to Manifesting the Dreams Within You

By Kwame Ofori Manifesting is a part of the law of attraction. Manifesting is the process of helping your thoughts, ideas and desires become reality. When you manifest, you are drawing positive things into your life. You are sending out positive vibes to the universe and drawing them back to you. Manifesting Travels Many Paths […]

Feel Your Innovative Power

By Mani Goel Innovation is basically creation of a new device or process resulting from study and experimentation. When I conduct a survey about’ “Do they have the power of innovation?” The answer is “no”. Some people even say that scientists only have this power. And some says that this power is inherited or inborn. […]

Innovate a Current Niche to Improve Your Business

By Amy Twain If I am about to make an educated guess, I think I will find many professionals around the world who considered themselves “should have” experts or gurus. As in, “I should have done that.” As my friend Calyx, a Global Client Communicator Mentor told me, that he always hears this message form […]

Thinking to Win VCA Antech

By Michael Durr I might define a “field of dreams” business plan as one that predicts a sea change on dry land. Typical response would be “sounds good, call me when you see the waves.” Casual observers must have had such thoughts when VCA Antech was getting started in 1986. This company had a plan […]

What Should You Do With All Your Concepts and Inventions?

By Lance Winslow Many innovators are upset, as it costs unbelievable amounts of money to file patents and the tremendous amount of red-tape to do business with the government. Worse, corporations are so quick to still ideas, along with foreign companies that they are afraid to tell anyone about their ideas. Often, they do nothing […]

Novels Workshop Not a Devils Workshop

By Man Singh Many inventions have been made by many scientists like Earth Gravity by Newton, pulse in plants by J.C. Bose, Raman spectroscopy by Raman, viscometer by Ostwald, wireless communication by Marconi and Nikola Tesla in year 1943. Similarly an invention of a telephone by both Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell In year […]

No Half Measures

By Olatunji Ladi Adejumo No monumental achievement or idea was ever brought to fruition without two outstanding qualities in its originators; implicit belief in himself even in the face of general unbelief or even condemnation as well as a never-say-die attitude. History indeed, has no place for those who cannot persevere in order to achieve. […]