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Payoffs of Perseverance

By Rich Dixon In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength, but through persistence. One of my students told me recently of going with his dad to get his learner’s permit. They made several trips to the office, but each time the mindless process took too […]

Exceptionally Average

By Rich Dixon I write and speak a lot about adversity. I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve spent twenty-two years in a wheelchair or because I taught mathematics to teenagers for thirty-five years. One interesting aspect of working with young adolescents involves observing their efforts to discover and define their identity. It’s a fascinating, […]

Never Stop Playing Your Song

By Tobin Crenshaw When I was an undergrad, a professor shared about a conversation he had with a friend who played the violin. This friend corrected my professor’s erroneous belief that a good violin cost about five hundred bucks, quickly informing him that the average price for a quality instrument was $15,000. Intrigued by this […]

New Years Eve In Just a Minute

By Suzanne Wells What’s amazing about New Years Eve is that a whole bunch of people, worldwide, balance on the precipice in between old and new…together. During other holidays, like Easter,Hanukkah and the 4th of July, only some people are celebrating, praying or reflecting. Not on New Year’s Eve. Nope, New Years Eve is like […]

New Years Resolutions For Kids

By James M. Lynch The idea of asking kids for New Year’s Resolutions seemed a bit ‘off’ to me as soon as I began it. First I had to explain what resolutions were and then I had to explain why they were necessary. Seems that kids don’t think in these same terms. All the same, […]

How I Learned to Begin an Old Thanksgiving Tradition Today

By A. H. Scott Reading an article in the waiting area recently while my car was being serviced, I found an article about Thanksgiving that described one way to enjoy the holiday that I had not previously thought about. Although the magazine was not familiar to me I eagerly read the article in the November […]

How to Stop Worry From Taking Over Your Life

By Paula Owen Some people seem to be born worriers. The truth is worry does nothing to help any situation. Some people think that if you don’t worry about things then you are not a caring person. This is not true. It is more caring to actively help the situation – or if you cannot […]

As Long As There is Hope, There is Joy in Living

By Humayun Mujahid One important area that always seems well settled in the progress of many successful individuals is goal setting. But my present article is not focused on how to set a goal. It is about its importance. I will dwell on how significant it is that you set certain goal in your life […]

How to Unlock Law of Attraction Secrets

By Laurie Brenner It’s easy to unlock law of attraction secrets once you understand how the law of attraction works. A lot of people think it’s a lot of hooey, but it’s not. The law of attraction is something that is always working in your life, to the good or bad, depending upon where you […]

Discover How You Can Live a No Limits Life With the Law of Attraction

By Laurie Brenner Discover how you can lead a no limits life by using the law of attraction in your life. The energy that creates worlds flows through our beings every day, in and out, in and out. And because it’s operating to an unseen law-the law of attraction-a law that is always on, most […]