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Business Evolution Management 3 Strategies to Understand Lousy Attitudes in Organizations

By Mike Krutzaand Jodi Wiff It’s simple and basic…your number one weapon; especially with front line battle hardened employees will always be a great attitude. This is the most nagging challenge for organizations…in part because attitude may be the last frontier of personal choice for the individual. It is the most overlooked art of figuring […]

How Will You Lead in 2010?

By Allan Glass Congratulations. You, the real estate professional of the vintage 2010 are living and learning through the most challenging and important real estate market of the past generation. You have survived an almost immediate halt to business as usual and have re-geared and re-grouped finding yourself poised to benefit from the greatest real […]

How to Influence Others to Reach Their Full Potential

By Debora McLaughlin Being an influential leader means that you have the ability to enable others to reach their greatest peak of influence as well. For many leaders this idea produces mixed results. New leaders do not want to give over control to staff members, insecure leaders fear that a team member may exceed them […]

Developing Your Leadership Skills How to Become an Effective Marketing Leader Part 8 Vision

By Christopher D. Anderson Part of becoming a good leader is having a vision. Both for yourself and the ability to impress that vision on others. Leaders are dreamers, but in a very focused way. Having a vision is the starting point of any business venture. This is the idea, and the ideal outcome. This […]

How to Become a Leader at Your Business

By Eric L Knouse In the business world a lot of people are hoping to find someone that is confident and can help their business blossom. The person that doesn’t have self confidence, is usually left behind and they find themselves not able to prosper. If you struggle with self confidence, there are a lot […]

A Season For All Times, A Time to Wait A Time to Think A Time to Act

By Terrance Simon When leading a group of people or an organization you will eventually make a difficult and unpopular decision. The basis of the difficulty exists on many levels. Regardless of the root of the difficulty, the decision you make will result in some individuals or groups being offended or angered. This moment is […]

Where the Winners in Business Come From

By Paul Johnson You and I both probably had painful childhood experiences that involved winning and losing. I was always picked last when choosing teams for pick-up basketball games. Perhaps you had YOUR heart set on making a team or winning a contest, and it just didn’t happen. You can still remember the hurt to […]

Take a Tip From Tiger, Lance and Kobe

By Kevin Eikenberry Tiger Woods. Lance Armstrong. Kobe Bryant. These men are just three examples of people acknowledged to be among the very best in the world at their craft. They all have something in common though that might not immediately spring to mind. They all have coaches. While I picked athletes in this example, […]

Whole Brain Leadership

By Max Kazen In Western society, particularly America, leadership is typically left-brained. Why? Because leaders are chosen for their knowledge…their knowledge of a particular industry, and how and where all of the stovepipes of the industry go, and how they must function to make the business work…how all the widgets fit together to make the […]

Leadership and Falsehood Where the Twain Aint Meeting

By Steve Wickham When leaders fall from grace, smashing an often-times glittering career with an infractional decision and action or set of actions, they mostly fall over not due to lack of ability, but due to lack of heart. There is a genuine test of a leader and it has nothing to do with leadership […]