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Binaural Beats and Telepathy

By Paul Fitzpatrick Telepathy, with its modern meaning being the ability to receive and transmit thoughts in the form of words or mental pictures using only your mind, has been held in the domain of lunatics and crackpots for many years, until very recently. There have been numerous scientific investigations into the Telepathy phenomena that […]

Focusing the Minds Eye 3 Essential Visualisation Techniques

By Dian Winter A mastery of visualisation techniques is one of the most important skills you can possess, but it’s a skill that many people believe they don’t have. In reality, everybody visualises, all of the time. Everything you do, from getting a pint of milk out of the fridge to driving a car, is […]

I Finally Did it, I GOT RID of my TV

By Sotiris Bassakaropoulos I decided a long time ago after being told in countless seminars to get rid of my T.V. The first time was 5 years ago in a Dolf De Roos Seminar in London. The reason most people have as an excuse for being unsuccessful in life is either not enough time or […]

Are You Obsessed With Unnecessary Thinking?

By Helen Foster Over-thinking is a common mental disease among urban people, because of the busy lifestyle. People are thinking about many things at the same time. But when we look into further details, there’s really no point in most of our thoughts. All these thoughts prevent us from enjoying the present moment. Do you […]

Mastering Mind Power Like a Mental Genius

By Greg Frost In the crux of the matter, many people in the world are trying to master their cerebral and mastering mind power has been something that has caught up some popularity in the world today. This is perhaps the next step of self empowerment and evolution within the human race. As we try […]

How Do You and I Find Genuine Brain Training Games on the Internet?

By Marion Ann Ryann Brain training is so hot, that everybody wants a piece of the pie. You cannot blame people who want to earn some money from a new hype, because that is their business, making money off every new thing on the market. Very often these people come in, do their number and […]

Self Improvement Develop a Growth Mindset

By Kristina Von Rosenvinge A growth mindset can be developed through out life. This is especially welcome news to people fifty and beyond because so many of their habits have become ingrained and routine. Since I am in this group I know that our beliefs and habits will limit us unless we live by a […]

Develop Creative Potential Using the Power of Mental Training

By Maureen E. Killoran Metal Training is just the same as physical training. You can begin wherever you are and train your mind to reach higher and higher levels of creativity by using the tools of discipline. Just as the repetition of lifting a weight strengthens your physical abilities, there are new technologies available, that […]

Three Creative Ways to Use Riddles

By Wanda Wardell When most people think of riddles they think of little jokes that people tell here and there, but riddles can actually be used to keep your brain in peak condition. A recent study revealed that spending a few minutes each day doing riddles or other brain teasers can help you perform better […]

Getting Older and Wanting to Stay Dynamic? Brain Training is the Way to Go

By Marion Ann Ryann With the years passing by people feel more and more inclined to stay young. “Forever Young” as in the song is what everybody wants. Not only in a fit body that has been trained and worked out to compete with the generation after us, but also in the mind. Staying dynamic, […]